Stirring and agitating technology –

Energy-efficient stirring and agitating technology, ATEX certified for reliably perfect mixing results.

Our ATEX certified stirring and agitating technology eco-Series comprises products offering safe stirring processes in explosion-endangered environments. The products are very easy to handle. Due to their immense energy efficieny, they save energy and costs of up to 90% compared to systems with comparable motors, for example a vane motor.

Our motors are IP67 waterproof and thus can uncomplicatedly be used in all humid and dusty environments and applications in which they are likely to get in contact with fluids or dust. The product range also offers solutions for extremely heavy radial load as is common in large containers or viscous substances. All products of the eco-Series are silicone-free and acetone-resistant as standard.

The product range comprises complete stirring systems, stirring motors, stirring drives, laboratory agitators, modular systems and accessories like traverses, lifting stations, agitator shafts and stirrer elements.

Stirring and agitating technology at a glance

ATEX stirrer motor

ATEX stirrer motors for clients with own flange solution.

ATEX stirrer drive

ATEX stirrer drives with flange solution for ATEX zone 1 and 0/1 withstand extremely heavy radial load.

Complete system eco-Mix zone 1

Energy-efficient complete stirring systems for all common container sizes in ATEX zone 1.

Complete system eco-Topmix zone separation 0/1

Energy-efficient complete stirring systems for all common container sizes in ATEX zone 0/1.

my-eco - your choice

Design your own agitator my-eco for your individual application.

eco-Lab laboratory agitator

The laboratory agitators eco-Lab have especially been developed for ATEX applications in laboratory environments.

eco-Station 30

Our eco-Station 30 facilitates the change of 30 litre hobbocks.

eco-Station 200

Our eco-Station 200 facilitates the change of 200 litre barrels.

Options and accessories

Complement and individualise your stirring technology with our diverse accessories and flexible options.

Special solution

Due to our long-term experience in our special fields, we are your reliable partner for special solutions.

Vane motors first appear to be low-priced because of their lower purchase price. This is still leading some companies’ desicion into the wrong direction. With a simple amortization calculation we have proven to all our customers that the radial piston motor is more cost-effective after one year of operation at most solely due to energy cost savings.

Vratislav Šrám

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Efficient and high-performance

Energy-efficient products are our speciality – protect the environment, save energy and costs with products of PTM mechatronics.
We prove this with facts and figures:


Stirring and agitating technology of PTM mechatronics – easy, clean, safe, efficient.

How compressed air agitators of PTM mechatronics can be controlled precisely.


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