Stirring technology –

Energy-efficient stirring technology, ATEX certified for reliably perfect mixing results.

Our ATEX-certified stirring technology eco-Series offers products to fulfil all requirements for a functionally safe stirring process. Our core industries are food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics and automation. We have special knowledge in ATEX safety, clean room applications, food safety and hygiene, occupational safety requirements and stainless steel. Besides our standard product portfolio our engineers design customer-specific solutions for your specific application that are subsequently manufactured in our in-house production.

All drives and agitators of our stirring technology are highly energy-efficient products. They save up to 90% of energy and costs compared to other drives, for example the vane drive.

As all our drives and agitators are waterproof according to protection class IP67 as standard, they can unproblematically be applied in application that imply a contact with liquids. The same applies to dusty applications. Their cleaning is thus easy and safe for a hygienic operation.

Even for extreme radial loads, for example in large containers or when used with high-viscous substances, our product portfolio offers the suitable drive or agitator. All products of our eco-Series are silicone-free and acetone-resistant as standard – and very easy to handle.

Our product portfolio offers system agitators, drum agitators, IBC container / tote tank agitators, stainless steel agitators, hand-held agitators, laboratory agitators, stirring stations and a broad accessory range with traverses, caps and various impellers.

Our innovative technologies facilitate stirring processes and make them safer.

We always support you with our 360° service: from the first consulting through development up to manufacturing and installation on site. Following up your project, you can trust in our reliable after-sales service.

Our experts will gladly advise you in case of any questions or requests and are happy to guide you through our product portfolio. The direct contact is here.

Stirring technology at a glance

Energieeffizienter Rührwerksantrieb für ATEX

System agitators

ATEX agitator drives, optionally with flange solution, for your already existing stirring system.

Energieeffizientes ATEX Rührwerk mit Rührwelle und Rührorgan

Drum agitators

ATEX agitators with flange, agitator shaft and impeller for your mixing task.

ATEX Rührwerk für IBC Container

Container agitators

ATEX agitators for your IBC container / tote tank with suitable mounting solution.

Robuste Rührwerke aus Edelstahl, ATEX zertifiziert, IP68 wasserdicht, Säure- und chemikalienbeständig, sterilisierbar mit Wasserstoffperoxid

Stainless steel agitators

All drives and agitators made of high-quality stainless steel.

ATEX zertifizierte Rührstationen, Hubstationen mit Rührwerk, Bedienpult, Deckel, Notstop, Zweihandbedienung

Stirring stations

ATEX stirring stations with special occupational safety features

ATEX Handrührer eco-Up mit hohem Drehmoment, ergonomisch und sicher

Hand-held agitators

ATEX hand-held agitators with high torque, ergonomic handle and two-hand control.

ATEX Laborrührer eco-Lab am Stativ-1

Laboratory agitators

ATEX laboratory agitators for applications in laboratories, quality control, testing procedures.


Quick-change systems

Unique quick-change system for agitator shafts – quick and easy to handle.

ATEX Rührwerk mit integrierter Sauglanze-1

Suction lances

ATEX agitator with agitator shaft and integrated suction lance for more safety and cleanliness.


ATEX Rührwerk auf Fass mit Deckel und Klappe-web-1


Caps made of high-quality stainless steel with or without hatch(es) for various container sizes.

ATEX Rührwerksantrieb eco-Drive-auf-Kunststofffass-mit-Traverse-web-1


Traverses made of high-quality stainless steel for various container sizes.

Wendelrührorgan für ATEX Handrührer eco-Up


Impellers made of high-quality stainless-steel for various mixing tasks.

Special solutions

ATEX Rührwerksantrieb eco-Drive-auf-Kunststofffass-mit-Traverse-web-1

Long-term experience makes us your reliable partner for your special solution.


Vane motors first appear to be low-priced because of their lower purchase price. This is still leading some companies’ desicion into the wrong direction. With a simple amortization calculation we have proven to all our customers that the radial piston motor is more cost-effective after one year of operation at most solely due to energy cost savings.

Vratislav Šrám

Exclusive supplier of Hyundai and Hella, LPW kovo s.r.o.

Efficiency & sustainability

Efficient and high-performance

Energy-efficient products are our speciality – protect the environment, save energy and costs with products of PTM mechatronics.
We prove this with facts and figures:


Stirring and agitating technology of PTM mechatronics – easy, clean, safe, efficient.


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How compressed air agitators of PTM mechatronics can be controlled precisely.


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