About us

PTM mechatronics develops, produces and sells internationally products in the fields of high-performance compressed air motors, efficient ATEX stirring and agitating technology, intelligent electric gripping systems and space-saving drive technology since 30 years now.

The family company

PTM mechatronics is a family-owned medium-sized company in the district of Fürstenfeldbruck, in Greater Munich. Here, our products go through the whole production chain from development to administraton, from production over assembly up to dispatch. Therewith, we combine all areas under one roof and guarantee the high quality of our products, the optimum processing of our orders and the most important: the satisfaction of our valued customers.

What we do

We generate movement in special environments! Over the years, PTM mechatronics celebrates its 30th jubilee in 2018, and with increasing experience, very special fields have been developed within our product ranges of compressed air motors, stirring and agitating technology, gripping systems and drive technology, on which the PTM mechatronics has focused. Today, we can claim to be the real experts in the fields of ATEX, IP68, clean room as well as stainless steel and the adequate handling of foodstuffs. Besides ISO 9001:2015, our quality management system is certified according to RL2014/34/EU appendix IV with the requirements of DIN EN ISO/IEC 80079-34. This enables us to develop ATEX certified serial products for ATEX zone 0 and to independently manufacture and sell them after a type examination by TÜV Süd without having to conduct any further TÜV conformity assessments.

One important and unrivalled USP of our products is the enormous energy efficiency. Our compressed air motors and agitators transform every bit of energy into the highest performance possible – for our environment and for our customers, which can live sustainability and, additionally, save energy and costs. We prove this with our tests presenting hard facts and figures – learn more about the facts here.
Sustainability plays a major role for us. Learn more about our commitment here.

We have well-founded practical experience in dealing with different materials and sealing concepts. Companies from the sensitive chemical, laboratory, pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and automation industries constitute a large part of our customer base.   Learn more about our strengths here.

Our corporate values


We will never leave you out in the rain.


We handle our processes with sensitivity, a clear mind and our long-time experience.


We work with all our contacts at eye level, fairly and reliably.


We are curious about new things that open up new perspectives.

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