Sustainability is a big and important word of our time. We are an owner-managed family company and we feel it is our personal responsibility to provide for our future and to make our contribution. We implement this in concrete terms in the following points:

Employees and apprenticeship


We see ourselves as a reliable and continuously growing employer in our Fürstenfeldbruck district and the greater Munich area.

Our employees form and develop our company. Our task of further developing PTM mechatronics is only moving in the right direction by pulling together. This is based on a healthy balance between give and take. Our employees invest their time and creative energy in our company every day. In return, we encourage them in their endeavors for personal development, their individual demands on their life and work structure and their ideas and motivations. Because only employees with intense intrinsic motivation create something new in the professional and innovative world of PTM mechatronics GmbH.


One of our most important goals is to give our youth a solid foundation for their lives. We take on this challenge every year and, as an IHK-certified training company, hire young people for training in metal professions as well as in the office for every new apprenticeship year.

With dedication and professional know-how, we open up our trainees the successful entry into a secure future, whereby we support them wherever it is necessary and give them freedom where they want to develop based on their own motivation. Here we also take an active part in measures taken by the Fürstenfeldbruck district to promote training, such as the “One day trainee” initiative or training fairs.

Ressources and environment


We don’t just watch our environment cope with the pressures of our time. Environmental protection always plays a central role in the development of our products.

Our air motors and agitator technology are based on the incomparably energy-efficient radial piston principle. Compared to the outdated vane drive, we save up to 90% energy, and that can be proven.

A lot of compressed air is required in our production. We asked ourselves how we can make a contribution to environmental protection here, too, and switched to environmentally conscious production with compressed air recovery. We feed up to 60% of the compressed air used into the system again and use it again. We are particularly proud of this development and are also happy to inform others how recovery can be implemented quickly and easily.


Of course, our packaging is made from recycled paper. Through systematic production planning, we ensure that large orders are grouped into as few shipments as possible in order to keep packaging and transport costs as low as possible. In addition, we separate our waste and thus feed it into the recycling process.

Future and safety


Our responsibility for our customers, our employees, our suppliers and our Fürstenfeldbruck location is that PTM mechatronics always has a solid footing.
We don’t leave anything to chance, but go into solid budget and financial planning every year. To do this, we rely on external, competent financial advisors who plan the current and the next future financial years with us and with their specialist know-how.


We create the balance between innovation and security. Our business model is based on clearly defined processes and constant knowledge and company development. We take on new impulses from our environment.

If we say we are experts, then we are. We prove this through the regular implementation of important certifications for our company and our products, such as DIN ISO 9001 or our ATEX certification DIN EN-ISO IEC 80079-34 according to RL2014 / 34 / EU. We do not outsource our competencies, but take on the development, production and assembly of our products ourselves – designed, developed and made in Germany.

Our products undergo regular long-term tests. This is the only way we can guarantee our customers what we promise with a clear conscience and be their usual professional and reliable partner.

In addition to new innovations, there are products in our portfolio that have traditionally been part of PTM mechatronics for a long time and of which we are very proud. All these products have been successfully asserting themselves on the market for decades and prove the high quality of our company.

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