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Pharmaunternehmen unterliegen strengen Richtlinien, wie etwa der GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) im Rahmen ihres Qualitätsmanagementssystems. An ihre Produkte werden höchste Anforderungen bezüglich Qualität und Reinheit gestellt.
Wir als Technologielieferant unterstützen Sie bei der Einhaltung der Vorgaben und beraten Sie individuell und gezielt zu Ihrer Anwendung.
Sterility and purity
In addition to the aluminum versions, our agitators and drives are made of high-quality V4A stainless steel 1.4404: hygienic, extremely robust, easy to clean, sterilizable and waterproof to IP67 as standard, optionally IP68. In our in-house production, we also manufacture our products from customer-specific stainless steel. Our agitators and drives are roller burnished or electropolished to ensure flawless, hygienic surfaces. We achieve surface roughness Ra between 0.1 and 0.35 µm.
Aseptic design
When developing our agitators and drives, we pay attention to avoiding dirty corners and undercuts in order to prevent dirt deposits. We therefore optionally label our products with laser engraving instead of the usual glued labels.
Customized solutions
Thanks to our high level of development expertise, we ensure that our agitators and drives fit seamlessly into your existing structure. We offer our agitators fully equipped with DN flange, TriClamp connection or milk thread.
Highest clean room classification
For use in sterile environments, our agitators and drives are classified for the highest clean room class ISO1 according to DIN 14644 and can, therefore, be used in all clean rooms.
Special equipment for your laboratory
Especially for the laboratory environment, our laboratory agitator offers easy handling and reliable, reproducible results. A wide range of accessories with individual solutions facilitates uncomplicated and immediate use.
Environments sensitive to magnetic fields
For applications that react critically to magnetic fields, such as MRI applications, our ferrite-free motor offers a drive without magnetic fields and interfering sensors or electronics.
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Our products

Laboratory agitator

certified for ATEX zone 1 for an easy and safe handling

Ferrite-free motors

exclusively non-magnetic materials, no electronics or sensors for magnetically sensitive applications.

Stainless-steel agitators

ATEX-certified agitators made of high-quality stainless steel, chemical and acid resistant, sterilisable, classified for clean rooms, IP68 waterproof.

Stainless-steel motors

ATEX-certified motors made of high-quality stainless steel, chemical and acid resistant, sterilisable, classified for clean rooms, IP68 waterproof.


To fulfill all the requirements of our customers and to provide a maximum of support, no matter how challenging the task, we have professionalised in specific technologies:

ATEX safety

Certified for ATEX zones 1 and 0/1.

Stainless steel

Our production has long experience in the processing of high-quality stainless steel.

Clean room

Classified for clean room class ISO 1 according to DIN 14644.

Ferrite-free/free of magnetic fields

Made exclusively from non-magnetic materials for magnetically sensitive applications.

News & interesting stories

Case Study

PTM ferrite-free motor enables MRI application with babies

For the operation of blood pumps of babies with heart defects near MRI devices, physicians searched for a drive which would not produce magnetic fields during its operation. Their search led them to the ferrite-free motor of PTM mechatronics…


Weiss Pharmatechnik GmbH relies on PTM stainless-steel agitators

Weiss Pharmatechnik GmbH, leading manufacturer in the fields of environment simulation, heat technology, air-conditioning technology as well as clean air and containment, counts on the high-quality stainless-steel agitators of PTM mechatronics.

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