Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

In the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, applications in clean and ultra-clean rooms, sterile and magnetically sensitive environments are common. The safe handling of aggressive substances, also with regard to cleaning and sterilisation, is highly important.

Therefore, depending on their application, devices and machines have to be classified according to DIN ISO 14644. To meet the high requirements of cleanliness and sterile work environments they have to be sterilizable with hydrogen peroxide and IP68 waterproof. Applied in magnetically sensitive environments, such as MRI devices, devices and machines must not be magnetic or magnetizable or generate magnetic fields.

PTM mechtronics offers the appropriate solution for all these challenges – of course, we also offer the professional advice of our experts.

Clean room gripper

Classified for clean room classes ISO 1, 5 or 6 according to DIN 14644, IP68 waterproof, sterilizable.

Clean room motor

Clean room class ISO 1 according to DIN 14644, ATEX certified, IP68 waterproof, chemical and acid resistant, sterilizable.

Ferrite-free motors

No magnetic fields by means of non-magnetic materials, no interference potentiality generated by electronics or sensors.

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