Compressed air motors –

energy-efficient strength.

PTM compressed air motors are robust and high-performance drives. Thanks to the efficient radial piston principle on which their drive is based, they are very economical at the same time. The small piston volumes inside the motors need a minimum of compressed air and simultaneously extract the highest power through expansion. Thereby, we reduce the consumption of compressed air by up to 90% compared to vane motors.

The construction of our motors is entirely mechanical, no electronics, no sensors. On the one hand, this makes their operation extremely safe with regard to the environmental conditions at their operation site. On the other hand, they are easily connected and operable within just a few minutes, without having to use any additional devices or the need to hire a specialist like an electronics technician.
Despite their high torque, the motors are small and compact. They can be integrated space-savingly in every application.

To meet the requirements of different areas of application and sectors, we developed our motor in six different versions:

Compressed air motors at a glance

BASIC motor

Our basic motors for the easy installation in production environments without special requirements.

ATEX motor

For the secure application in explosion-endangered environments.

Stainless steel motors

Hygienic, food-safe, IP68 waterproof, sterilizable – the all-rounder of our motors.

Clean room motors

Classified according to DIN 14644 for ISO class 1 applicable in all clean and ultra-clean rooms.

IP68 waterproof

IP68 waterproof and seawater-resistant motors for the application with and under water.

Ferrite-free motors

Robust and without magnetic fields for high-tech applications with magnetic fields.


Diverse accessories complete our compressed air motors for your application.

Special solution

Due to our long-term experience in our special fields, we are your reliable partner for special solutions.

The radial piston motor is the best product the market of pneumatic drives offers. An energy-efficient and cost-saving product of high quality. Definitely without alternative.

József Cseh

Exclusive supplier for Robert Bosch and Suzuki, Conpart Ker. és Szolg. Kft.

Efficiency and high-performance

Energy-efficient products are our speciality – protect the environment, save energy and costs with products of PTM mechatronics.
We prove this with facts and figures:


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