Ferrite-free motor

Energieeffizienter Druckluftmotor ferritfrei und magnetfeldfrei für MRT-1

Ferrite is a mixed crystal of ferric and a small proportion of carbon. It becomes magnetic under the influence of magnetic fields. That is why it is not suitable for applications which produce magnetic fields and, additionally, are influenced negatively by other magnetic fields. We therefore exclusively use non-magnetic materials such as ceramics. Additionally, the mechanical construction of our motors avoids potential interferences that may be caused by electronics or sensors. The ferrite-free drive is applicable in sensitive applications with magnetic fields such as MRI devices.

Our motors are operable in anti-clockwise and clockwise rotation and are resilient to standstill. Of course, they are oil- and silicone-free as standard. As they are IP67 waterproof, they can also be applied in humid or dusty applications.


Extremely efficient and high-performance, our radial piston motors provide high torques while consuming only a minimum of compressed air, making it the pioneering drive technology for the future. Our motors save energy and costs of up to 90% compared to other drives such as the vane motor.

Exemplary applications:

  • Medical technology
  • MRI machines
  • Mine detectors
  • High frequency applications



Guaranteed interference-free application without magnetic fields.


High electromagnetic compatibility.

No interference potentiality

Interference-free operation without electronics or sensors.


Your benefit is our long-term experience with TESLA, MRI and high frequency applications.

News & interesting stories


Ferrite-free motor enables MRI application with babies

Our ferrite-free motor as key component in research project of the Eidgenössischen Technischen Hochschule (technical university) in Zurich.



Production of magnetic measurement solutions

Our customer, manufacturer of magnetic measurement solutions and magnetic heads, relies on our ferrite-free motors.


Options & accessories

Druckluftmotor mit Montagewinkel

Mounting angle

Motor with mounting angle for a quick mounting.
Druckluftmotor mit Montageflansch

Mounting flange

For an uncomplicated and quick installation.
Druckluftmotor mit Lagerflansch

Bearing flange

Integrated bearing flange for high radial load.


Integrated orifice for speed limitation as overload protection.
Antriebswelle glatt oder mit Passfeder für Druckluftmotor-1

Drive shafts

Drive shaft smooth, feather key or special shaft optional.

Customised solutions

Due to our long-term experience, we are your reliable partner for customised solutions.


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