Food and beverage

In the food and beverage industry, hygiene is the paramount. Strict guidelines for materials, product properties and manufacturing processes must be observed. Nevertheless, or precisely because of this, processes must be quick, simple and secure.
Flawless surfaces, high-quality materials
For us as technology supplier and our products, the selection of suitable materials is of crucial importance. Many processes require the resistance against aggressive substances such as detergents or hydrogen peroxide, or resistance against acids. That is why we manufacture our agitators and motors both from aluminium and as well from high-quality V4A stainless steel 1.4404: extremely resistant, waterpoof, ATEX certified. Our production is also able to manufacture our products from any customer-specific stainless steel. For flawless, hygienic surfaces, our agitators are rolled or electropolished. We achieve a roughness depth between 0,1 and 0,35 μm.
We offer our agitators fully equipped with DN flange, Tri Clamp connection or milk pipe fittings.
Working hygienically can be so easy
When developing our agitators and drives, we pay special attention to avoiding corners and undercuts in order to prevent dirt deposits. We, therefore, optionally label our products with laser engraving instead of the usual glued labels. FDA-compliant seals guarantee compliance with food safety requirements. For easy cleaning, our agitators and drives are IP67 waterproof as standard, IP68 as an option.
Particle-free environments for high hygienic requirements
For clean rooms, our agitators and drives are classified for the highest clean room class ISO 1 according to DIN 14644 and guarantee a particle-free operation.
Specific considerations: product-dependent characteristics
Whether yoghurt, fruit pulps, aromas, alcohol, chocolate or fruit gum mass, each product has its own characteristics in terms of viscosity, sensitivity to shear forces and ATEX safety and much more. We have many years of experience in the processing of foods from our many projects and are happy to provide you with information about the possibilities of building your individual system.
Whether dissolving, emulsifying, cooling, heating or mixing, our experts will be happy to advise you on your applications. You can find direct contact to us here.

Our products

Stainless-steel stirring technology

ATEX-certified agitators made of high-quality stainless steel, chemical and acid resistant, sterilisable, classified for clean rooms, IP68 waterproof.

Stainless-steel motors

ATEX-certified motors made of high-quality stainless steel, chemical and acid resistant, sterilisable, classified for clean rooms, IP68 waterproof.

IP68 waterproof motors

Waterproof motors according to protection class IP68 for easy cleaning and applications with water and underwater.

Stirring technology

ATEX-certified agitator drives, drum and IBC container agitators, stirring systems with broad range of accessories.


To fulfill all the requirements of our customers and to provide a maximum of support, no matter how challenging the task, we have professionalised in specific technologies:

Food-safe sealing concepts

For hygienic applications.

Stainless steel

Sterilisable, robust, resistant to acids and chemicals.

Clean room

Classified for clean room class ISO 1 according to DIN 14644.

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