Plant construction

We generate movement – with our stirring technology we implement your stirring task in a practical and intelligent way. We equip your system with all components, such as metering pumps, fuel nozzles or funnel feeders, and the necessary equipment. Finally, we integrate the system into your system, including all connections. Your system is ready for use immediately after the end of the project. Trust in our many years of expertise in plant construction and the automation of production facilities.

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We would be happy to advise you on how to implement your plans. You can find direct contact to us here.

Dosing technology

Dosing technology

Dosing pumps
Load cells
Flow measurement
Funnel feed
Pipeline feed

Container construction

Chemical and acid resistant hygenic Atex stainless steel agitator. Waterproof and sterisibable, suitable for clean room and other demanding environments

Stainless steel container
Plastic container
Connections / flanges
Feed flaps
Sight glasses
Drip pans

Filling technology

Mobile paint supply trolley with agitator, pump and control

Fuel nozzles
Container feed
Locking systems

Temperature control

Agitator with special flanch for temperature controle

Tempering double jacket
Heating plates
Exchange boilers
Cooling units

Complete installation

Agitator station for containers with manual controle

Chaining / networking
Transport systems
Compressed air treatment

Your advantages


We advise you comprehensively. You can rely on our many years of experience.


We guarantee the implementation of the guidelines for occupational safety.


We plan your project systematically and finalize your system on schedule.


We pay attention to the profitability and efficiency of your system.

News & interesting stories


2-component stirring and dosing system – accurate to the gram

In this complex system, we combine the stirring of two components with dosing on a high-precision scale. A work area with a control panel forms the center…


Construction of a complete 2-component supply system

Our customer needs the 2-component supply system to produce a casting compound. The two sensitive components of the casting compound have a viscosity of 3,000 mPas (corresponds roughly to the viscosity of gear oil) and 600 mPas…


Complete solutions and their unique advantages

Our customer, Einhorn Werke GmbH, required a complete solution consisting of a tripod agitator, dosing device, floor rollers and stainless steel drums. Our case study shows why a complete solution from a single source is the only guarantee of success…


PTM builds mobile paint supply trolleys

Mobile paint supply trolleys are used when painting large assemblies, for example at aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus or Boeing. Our customized device combines all necessary functions in a compact design…

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Overview Stirring technology

From laboratory agitators to large IBC tanks - find your perfect solution:

Energy efficient ATEX agitator Drives for drum and IBC containers, stainless-steel stirring systems and accessories

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