Customised solutions –

out of the box.

Not every project, not every requirement finds its solution by rummaging in the standard box or doing a quick search on the Internet. In the areas of stirring and drive technology in particular, almost no project looks like the other. That is why we certainly offer a standard range of our most successful and often suitable products. However, for all customers who cannot find what they are looking for here, PTM mechatronics offers innovative and customer-specific solutions for everything to do with stirring and drive technology.

Our specialists will be happy to advise you. You can find direct contact to us here.

Project management

Only systematic, well thought-out and tried-and-tested project management guarantees the exact implementation of the specifications and the scheduled implementation on the agreed delivery date. Our project management system has meanwhile proven itself in countless projects. We will implement your requirements one-to-one and, based on our many years of experience in drive and stirring technology, also advise you on quality improvements, capacity increases, energy savings and additional features that will bring you added value.

Teammeeting about developing new projects


Exact preparatory work creates clarity

In advance, we would like to know for which application you need the special solution, what is important to you and which special aspects must be observed. We cordially invite you to our technical center, where we can also carry out initial trials and test series. We would be happy to take a look at your application on site. The possible creation of a specification sheet with all requirements gives us a clear overview for the next steps.

Developing new solutions for our customers


Construction phase

Our designers implement your project with the most modern technical tools. We will now discuss the resulting constructions and drawings with you in detail.

Product plans go into in house production


 Your special solution is created

After your project has been planned, it will be completed in our own special production and production facility. In our technical center, we again compare your requirements with the resulting product. In the meantime, our documentation creates all the necessary technical documents and certifications.

Final check and istallation of your new products


Acceptance and commissioning

In our technical center you have the possibility to personally inspect and approve your customised product. Our technicians will be happy to install your product in your production or system and put it into operation for the first time.


Best Practice


Flexible agitator for 15 to 1,200 liter containers

In our article on fruit processing at our customer Lienig, we will show you how you can easily convert an agitator from a small container to an IBC container.


Cut rubber like butter

PTM mechatronics designs tailor-made solution for rubber cutting machine.


PTM develops flexible rotation axis for machines in ATEX zone 0/1

In its technical centre, PTM mechatronics developed a flexibly applicable rotation axis, which is able to conduct diverse tasks or drive machines in ATEX zone 0/1. The rotation axis can simply be integrated in different housings or machines…

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