Special solutions –

out of the box.

Not every project, not every problem finds its solution by rummaging in the standard box or by searching the web. Especially in the fields of stirring and drive technology, one project or product does not look like the other. This is why we surely offer a standard product portfolio with all our most successful and often suitable products. But for all our customers, that do not find their appropriate solution there, we offer innovative and customised special solutions.

Accurate preparatory work provides transparency

We would like to know first, for which application you need the special solution, what is important for you and which special ascpects need to be observed. Therefore, we cordially invite you to visit our technical center, in which we can also perform first tests and test series. Of course, we gladly visit your applicaton on site as well. A detailed specification sheet provides a clear overview of the next steps.

Construction phase

Our engineers realise your project with the technically most modern tools. The developed constructions and technical drawings are discussed with you in detail.

Your special solution is manufactured

After your project had been planned, it is manufactured in our inhouse special production. Our technical center once again reviews your specifications. Meanwhile, our documentation department prepares all necessary technical documentation and certifications.

Approval and initial operation

In our technical center, you have the possibility to personally inspect and approve your special solution. Our technicians gladly mount your special solution into your production line or machine and put it into operation.

Best Practice


PTM develops flexible rotation axis for machines in ATEX zone 0/1

In its technical centre, PTM mechatronics developed a flexibly applicable rotation axis, which is able to conduct diverse tasks or drive machines in ATEX zone 0/1. The rotation axis can simply be integrated in different housings or machines…


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