BASIC motor

The pneumatic radial piston motors with their robust mechanical construction are suitable for various applications. Their different mounting options enable an easy and quick integration into every production environment.

Our compressed air motors are extremely efficient and high-performance devices. The radial piston motors provide a maximum of performance while consuming just a minimum of compressed air. Our motors save energy and costs of up to 90% compared to other drive technologies, for example the vane motor.

As the motors are IP67 waterproof, they are applicable in misty and dusty environments. Compared to electic motors, they do not need any additional protective measures for that. The motors are operable in anti-clockwise and clockwise rotation and are resilient to standstill. They are silicone-free and acetone-resistant as standard.

The BASIC version of our motors is suitable for environments which do not have any special reuqirements, like for example ATEX safety or clean room compatibility.



Our energy-efficient motors save energy and costs.


Our motors provide extremely high torques with a minimum of air consumption.


Thanks to their mechanical construction, our motors are robust and durable.


A minimum of air consumption means a minimum of noise emission.

Exemplary applications:

  • Drive of friction wheels
  • Balance systems
  • Construction machinery mining: processing of lime, gypsum, concrete, cement
  • Drive of conveyor belts, rolling gates
  • Sealing of screw caps
  • Tension in paper, weaving and winding machines

Options & accessories

Various shaft seals:

Viton – for high temperature and chemical resistance.

Acetone-resistant – made of solvent-resistant EPDM for a long service life.

Silicone-free – oil-free application without releases.

FDA-conform – made of EPDM with FDA approval for a hygienic application in Food & Pharma.

Mounting angle

Motor with mounting angle for a quick mounting.

Druckluftmotor mit Montageflansch

Mounting flange

For an uncomplicated and quick installation.

Druckluftmotor mit Lagerflansch

Bearing flange

Integrated bearing flange for high radial load.

Wartungseinheit für Druckluftmotoren

Maintenance unit

For the treatment of the supply air for a long service life.

Luftanschluss 90° für Druckluftmotor-1

Air connection 90°

Our motors are available with a 90° air connection.


Integrated orifice for speed limitation as overload protection.

Energieeffizienter Druckluftmotor ATEX zertifiziert-1

ATEX certificate

For explosive environments, the motor can be ordered with ATEX certificate II 2 G Ex h IIC T5 Gb X, II 2 D Ex h IIIC T100°C Db X and grounding.

Rev counter

Premounted inductive proximity switch with recording of 20 switching signals per revolution of motor.

Antriebswelle glatt oder mit Passfeder für Druckluftmotor-1

Drive shafts

Drive shaft smooth or feather key, special shaft or stainless steel shaft and IP68 waterproof optional.


Our motors can be equipped with 3:1, 9:1 and 1:2 transmission.

Customer-specific solutions

Due to our long-term experience, we are your reliable partner for customer-specific solutions.


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