Energieeffizienter Druckluftmotor ferritfrei und magnetfeldfrei für MRT-1The manufacture of products that work with magnetic fields requires a special production environment. One customer, a manufacturer of magnetic measurement solutions and magnetic heads, relies on the ferrite- and magnetic field-free motor of PTM mechatronics.

The technology of our customer’s magnetic measurement solutions and magnetic heads is based on magnetic fields. His products are used to carry out various measuring tasks using magnetic measuring heads and the associated linear or rotary scales. Its magnetic heads are used to write on or read tickets, credit cards and other writable products.

The manufacture of our customer’s products requires an otherwise magnetic field-free environment. This means that none of the devices used for production are allowed to generate any magnetic fields on their own. In addition, they themselves must not be disturbed or magnetized by an external magnetic field. Otherwise these devices would interfere with the magnetic fields of our customer’s products or be restricted in their function themselves.

Our customer now uses our motor for his special machinery, e.g. for conveyor belts. Their purely mechanical structure, their simple functionality without disruptive sensors or electronics and, above all, the absence of ferrous and thus magnetic components ensure that our motors can be used in our customer’s production without any problems. In addition, he benefits from the efficient and cost saving radial piston technology. More information on our ferrite-free motor can be found on its product page here.

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