IBC container / tote tank agitators

Containerrührwerke elektrisch und pneumatisch mit ATEX Zertifizierung für alle Containergrößen ATEX

Our powerful container agitators are available for all common IBC container sizes. Our portfolio contains single container agitator up to whole systems consisting of several stirring stations. A broad range of accessories such as foldable impellers made of high-qualitiy stainless-steel or, for the stirring of chlorides, made of plastic or traverses complement our product range. Our agitators are fixed either with our screw fastening eco-Light directly to the container opening or with our handy stainless-steel traverse. Our agitators, ATEX-certified for ATEX zone 1 and, with zone separation, for ATEX zone 0/1, are safely applicable in all explosive areas. A step-less speed setting precisely controls the operating speed.


The most lightweight agitators

Our IBC agitators can be mounted with our screw cap directly to the container opening – without tools, without screws. With a weight of just 12.5kg it can be handled by just one person. Its low weight avoids accidents caused by a second person or by forkllift tucks which are used to move the agitator.
Our stainless-steel traverse provides a solid fixing for the stirring of highly viscous substances.

Customised solutions for highest flexibility

Besides our standard sizes, we develope customised solutions with customer-specific agitator shafts and impellers. We flexibly realise your requirements with regard to dimensioning, performance and construcion by means of our systemised project management. Of course, our systems comply with all occupational safety requirements.

Technical support and consulting

Our experts will gladly advise you with regard to dimensioning, construction, flange solutions and suitable accessories. Please contact us here. To obtain technical data please click here.



Our agitators are highly energy-efficient, saving energy and money.

ATEX certified

Certified for ATEX zone 1 and 0/1 by TÜV Süd.


With a weight of just 12.5kg the most lightweight agitator for IBC containers.


All agitators are acetone-resistant and silicone-free as standard.


  • ATEX zone 1:
    II 2 G Ex h IIC T5 Gb X
    II 2 D Ex h IIIC T100°C Db X
  • ATEX zone separation 0/1:
    Ex II 1/2 G Ex h IIC T6 Ga/Gb X,
    Ex II 1/2 D Ex h IIIC T85°C Da/Db X
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Pluggable agitator shafts
  • Oil- and silicone-free

Exemplary projects:

  • Equipping of large paint supply rooms
  • Special agitators for eleochemical industry
  • Special agitators with Tri Clamp for beverage industry
  • Stirring of aromas and fragrances in high racks
  • Stirring of raw materials for organic cosmetics
  • Stirring of alcohol in 20 000l tank
  • and many more…

Options & accessories


For a solid and easy fixing, made of stainless steel, perfectly suitable for highly viscous substances.

Screw fastening

Net weight just 12.5kg, mounted directly to the container opening, easy handling by just one person, for liquid substances.


Various foldable stainless-steel impellers suitable for your individual requirements.


Technical data for download:

Data sheet container agitators:

Types of motor:

Motor eco-Drive (ATEX zone 1)

Motor eco-TopDrive (ATEX zone separation 0/1)

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