ATEX hand-held agitator

Our hand-held agitator eco-Up allows an ergonomic and safe stirring of substances of all kinds. Despite important safety precautions, which the agitator is equipped with to make its operation completely safe, its handling is easy and comfortable due to its special features:

eco-Up is ATEX-certified for ATEX zone 1 and operable in explosive areas. It is equipped with an ergonomic handle for both hands that allows the stable standing of the operator during operation and simultaneously facilitates its safe lifting. Substances of all kinds, be it liquid or highly viscous, can be stirred with powerful movements.
Its two-hand operation avoids accidents. As soon as one hand releases the handle, the agitator is automatically switched off.
eco-Up is equipped with a stepless speed control. Due to its high torque it is capable of stirring initially highly viscous substances easily. For comfortable storage after work, a functional hanging system can be ordered optionally.
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ATEX Handrührer eco-Up mit hohem Drehmoment, ergonomisch und sicher


ATEX safety

Certified for ATEX zone 1 by TÜV Süd.


Easy immediate operation.


High torque even for high-viscous substances.


Fulfilling all occupational safety requirements.

Options & accessories

Compressor for agitators


We supply you with compressors with the power that suits your application.

Extraction system with tripod agitator

Extraction system

Individual solutions to comply with the workplace limit values.

PTM Timer zur Steuerung von Rührwerken


With a timer you can organize your stirring processes in terms of time.

Fassrührwerk mit Drehzahlanzeige

Speed display

Check actual RPM in real time with our speed display.

Speed control for agitators

Speed control

Control the speed conveniently using our speed control with speed display.

Impellers for eco up hand held agitator made of high quality stainless steel suitable for various mixing tasks

Helical ribbon impeller

Choose between an upwards or downwards conveying helical ribbon impeller.

Maintenance unit to regulate air treatment for a long service life

Connection set with maintenance unit

for a controlled, safe connection to your compressed air system.

Individuelle Lösungen für Atex Rührwerke flexibel zu befestigen auf diversen Fässern und Behältern

Stirring container

We will also supply you with the appropriate stirring container.

Drum agitator with trolley


with ESD rollers for easy handling of the drums.

Product brochure

Let yourself be inspired by our product brochure.

PTM mechatronics product brochure, drive technology and stirring technology

Overview Stirring technology

From laboratory agitators to large IBC tanks - find your perfect solution:

Energy efficient ATEX agitator Drives for drum and IBC containers, stainless-steel stirring systems and accessories

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