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At our customer, Delico AG, based in Switzerland, everything revolves around food. With around 400 products in its range, the company offers the Swiss market selected foods of all kinds – such as the spice oil, which plays the main role in this project…

The spice oil is filled from the large container into small bottles by a partner company Delicos, a facility for people with disabilities. The spice oil is regularly stirred up in the containers with PTM container agitators. Two focal points emerged for the project:

1. Food safety as top priority

The container agitator is made of high-quality stainless steel for use in the food sector. The seals are FDA compliant. Written proof of food safety was important for Delico. Therefore, in addition to the usual enclosures, the final documentation also contained a material certificate 3.1 in accordance with the European standard DIN EN 10204. This documents the type and perfect quality of the material, in our case high-quality V4A stainless steel 1.4404, from the manufacturer. The certificate for food conformity was enclosed for the FDA-compliant seals. Finally, we certified the entire system for harmless use with food.

2. Easy handling

Since people with disabilities work with the agitator every day, easy handling of the agitator is of particular importance. People with disabilities must be able to work independently and safely at all times. Our agitators do not necessarily require a complex control system. They can also be operated directly via a needle valve on the engine. Thanks to our stainless steel traverse, they are easy to detach from the container and also easy to attach to a new container.

Stainless steel agitator, ATEX certified, IP68, clean room classified, sterilizable

We are your specialist for the use of agitators in the food sector. Our range of stainless steel includes various agitators, impellers and food-safe equipment. Extensive documentation on food conformity gives you security. Innovative design concepts help you avoid dirt and minimize cleaning work.

On request, you can receive the following with your product documentation:

  • Material certificate 3.1 according to the European standard DIN EN 10204
  • FDA certificates for oil seals and gaskets
  • Declaration of food conformity EU10-2011 for the complete system
  • CE declaration of conformity in accordance with the mechanical engineering directive and ATEX for the entire system
  • Proof of certified auxiliary materials and lubricants according to ISO 21469, NSF H1 registered and thus compliant with FDA 21 CFR § 178.3570

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