Quick-change system for agitator shafts

Our patented quick change system eco-Quick reduces the work process of changing agitator shafts to a minimum. The agitator shaft can be removed from the system quickly and easily with just one grip and just as easily attached. You don’t need any tools or screws. The innovative concept makes frequent changes between agitator shafts child’s play – clean and structured.

Our agitator shaft system has two centric fitting surfaces. Due to the double support of the agitator shafts in the drive, the agitator shafts run more smoothly and safely.

Consisting of high-quality stainless steel, the system is extremely resistant, even to aggressive media. To prevent substances from entering the system from the container, we use a special seal. This can be easily exchanged at any time. This is how we ensure the longevity of our quick-change system. Of course, the quick-change system is very easy to clean and thus saves tedious cleaning processes.

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Patented quick-change sytem for agitator shafts

eco-Quick in action

How easy and quick our quick-change system really is, shows this video:

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Quick and uncomplicated change of agitator shafts.


Easy change with just one hand.


A special sealing prevents the ingress of substances into the system.


Easy and quick cleaning.

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PTM patents agitator shaft concept

Our quick-change system for agitator shafts is not only unique, it is now also patented…


PTM wins Red Dot Design Award 2019 for a unique quick-change system

The new, unique quick-change system for agitator shafts eco-Quick enables agitator shafts to be changed in seconds and with just one hand. It was awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2019 for this practical functionality, together with the eco-Series agitator technology...


Launch of our unique quick-change system for agitator shafts

Besides the development of new products, the development department of PTM mechatronics is focused on the improvement and simplification of outdated, cumbersome processes. Latest project was the development of a system, which facilitates the formerly time-consuming and unclean process of changing agitator shafts. Result is our innovative quick-change system for agitator shafts…

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