When energy becomes a luxury good – Tannpapier switches to PTM agitators

Nowadays no one can afford to turn their backs on the subject of energy and its costs. Potential savings in day-to-day business must be uncovered. Our customer, Tannpapier GmbH, based in Traun (Austria), does not want to be unprepared for the developments and will in future rely on energy-saving PTM agitators instead of vane motors.

The application

Tannpapier GmbH is a manufacturer of specialty paper. The special paper is printed with low-viscosity, solvent-based inks. These colors are stirred in 50 barrels of 150l each. Tannpapier decided in favor of our agitators with the eco-Seal 450 drive.

All 50 agitators with vane motors are now being gradually replaced by energy-efficient PTM agitators. Tannpapier saves up to 90% of energy and thus costs. Just how is that possible?

Saving energy with PTM agitators

Unsere Rührwerksantriebe beruhen auf dem sparsamen Radialkolbenprinzip. Unsere Antriebe werden also über kleine Kolben im Inneren des Motors in eine Drehbewegung gebracht. Sie verbrauchen dabei nur die Menge an Druckluft, die in die kleinen Kolben passt – kein unnötiger Luftdurchzug, keine Verschwendung. Mit diesem Minimum an Druckluft entwickeln unsere Antriebe ein extrem hohes Drehmoment. Ausführliche Informationen zum Energiesparen mit PTM Rührwerken, einen realen Kostenvergleich zwischen Lamellenantrieben und Radialkolbenantrieben und weitere Kundenberichte finden Sie auf unserer Themenseite Energie – Effizienz.

Zukünftig möchte Tannpapier noch mehrere Zweihandrührwerke eco-Up zum sicheren und schonenden Aufrühren und maßgeschneiderte Containerrührwerke für UCON Edelstahlcontainer in das Produktionsprogramm aufnehmen.

Nach eigener Aussage war Tannpapiers Entscheidungsgrundlage für das Projekt mit PTM neben dem Einsparen von Druckluft ein sicherer ATEX-Schutz, ein zuverlässiges Rührergebnis und eine professionelle Beratung.

Our agitator drives are based on the economical radial piston principle. Our drives are set in rotary motion by small pistons inside the motor. You only need the amount of compressed air that fits into the small pistons – no unnecessary air draft, no waste. With this minimum of compressed air, our drives develop an extremely high torque. Detailed information on saving energy with PTM agitators, a real cost comparison between vane drives and radial piston drives and other customer reports can be found on our Energy – Efficiency topic page.

In the future, Tannpapier would like to add several eco-Up two-hand agitators for safe and gentle stirring and tailor-made container agitators for UCON stainless steel containers to the production program.

According to Tannpapier, the basis for deciding on the project with PTM, in addition to saving compressed air, was reliable ATEX protection, reliable stirring results and professional advice.

Advice and contact

Would you also like to get into the topic of saving energy with agitators and drives? We compare your current application with our drives and agitators and calculate the possible cost savings for you. We then implement your project with you from the preparation of the offer to the final commissioning. Let one of our experts advise you without obligation.

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