Energy-efficient agitators

We generate movement in special environments.

Agitators in their most efficient form

We offer you energy-efficient and powerful agitators for every application. In addition to selected standard sizes, with our 360° full service we also implement individual requirements for the size of components, equipment and performance systematically and on schedule. Consulting, development, production, commissioning – everything under one roof.

Our agitators are ATEX certified for ATEX Zone 1 or 0/1, IP67/IP68 waterproof, low-maintenance, low-noise, silicone-free, acetone-resistant and can be used immediately.

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Stainless steel agitators: the all-rounders for every application

In addition to our aluminum versions, we also manufacture our entire range from high-quality V4A stainless steel 1.4404. Your advantages: flawless, hygienic surfaces, IP68 waterproof, ATEX certified, suitable for clean rooms, sterilizable with hydrogen peroxide and resistant to chemicals.

Our specialties
  • Pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, chemicals, packaging & print, automation
  • Food safety and hygiene
  • Occupational safety and stainless steel
  • ATEX security
  • Clean room and laboratory
Energy efficiency is a top priority

Every drive and every agitator in our stirring technology works highly efficiently with the least amount of energy. Therefore you save up to 90% in energy and thus costs compared to other drives, such as the vane drive.

Advice and contact

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Agitators at a glance

closed cap with ATEX agitator

Small container agitators

Complete agitators for small containers up to 20 liters. Optionally with lid, laboratory stand or as a tripod agitator.

ATEX drum agitator with flange and impeller for mixing in various lid sealed containers

Drum agitators

Complete agitators aligned to your mixing task equipped with lid, traverse or stand.

ATEX container / tote tank agitator

IBC tank agitators

Complete agitators with direct fastening, traverse or as tripod agitator for all IBC tank sizes.

Overview agitator drives

Agitator drives

ATEX agitator drives, pneumatic or electric, optionally with flange solution.

Lifting station with ATEX tripod agitator for various drums and containers

Tripod agitators

ATEX tripod agitators with special occupational safety features

Stainless steel mixing and process tank

Mixing/process tanks

Hygienic made of stainless steel, individual construction, diverse accessories

ATEX certified laboratory agitator eco-Lab for reliable processes

Laboratory agitators

ATEX laboratory agitators for applications in laboratories, quality control, testing procedures.

ATEX ergonomic and safe hand held agitator with torque up or down

Hand-held agitators

ATEX hand-held agitators with high torque, ergonomic handle and two-hand control.

Atex agitator for tight head drum with flexibly adjustable traverse

Agitators for tight head drums

ATEX tight head drum agitators with flexibly adjustable traverse.

Stainless steel

Choose our high-quality stainless steel and benefit from:

  • Pharmaceutical and food conformity
  • Clean room class ISO 1 according to DIN 14644
  • Hygienic electropolished surfaces
  • Protection class IP68
  • Sterilizable with hydrogen peroxide
  • Chemical resistance
  • Labeling with laser engraving
  • ATEX certificate
ATEX Stainless steel agitator ideal for hygenic and waterproof demanding environments like cleanrooms

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Technologies & accessories

Stainless steel quick change system for replacing agitator shafts easily and effortless

Quick-change systems

Unique quick-change system for agitator shafts – quick and easy to handle.

Impellers for eco up hand held agitator made of high quality stainless steel suitable for various mixing tasks


Impellers made of high-quality stainless steel for various mixing tasks.

Energy efficient ATEX agitator Drives for drum and IBC containers, stainless-steel stirring systems and accessories

Stirring containers

Whether hobbock, drum or IBC container, stainless steel or plastic – we can also supply you with the right container in any size.

Compressor for agitators


We deliver compressors with the right performance for your application.

Drum agitator with trolley


Make your application mobile with tailor-made trolleys.

Customised solutions

In our in-house development and production, we build your individual solution tailored to your needs. Learn more:

Efficiency & sustainability

We are experts in the field of energy-efficient products. To ensure the sustainability of our agitators, we subject them to performance tests. The results speak for themselves:


Our agitators and motors are based on the radial piston principle. With our technology we get the maximum performance and strength from every ounce of energy. In this way, our customers can benefit from massive energy and thus cost savings compared to other types of drive, such as the energy-consuming vane drive:

“Vane motors initially appear to be cheaper to purchase. Unfortunately, this still steers some companies in the wrong direction. The awakening comes with the electricity bill. With a simple amortization calculation, we have proven to all of our customers that the radial piston-operated drives and agitators from PTM mechatronics are significantly cheaper due to the energy savings. A switch to PTM’s sustainable technology is amortized after just one year of operation through these savings.”

Vratislav Šrám
LPW kovo s.r.o.

Exklusivlieferant von Hyundai und Hella

Media library

eco-Quick – the series for a quick process change

Automatic agitator switch-on

Unique quick-change system
for agitator shafts

Product brochure

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News and interesting stories


When energy becomes a luxury good

Nowadays no one can afford to turn their backs on the subject of energy and its costs. Our customer, Tannpapier GmbH, also wants to proactively counteract the developments and replaces the old vane motors with energy-saving PTM agitators…


Certified food safety

For use in the food sector, it is sometimes important not only to live food safety, but also to be able to prove it. Certifications and comprehensive documentation help here. All of this can be supplied with our agitators and systems on request…


The controllability of stirring processes part 2

What control options are there? What about ATEX? Find out more in our Part 2 – How to regulate?


The controllability of stirring processes

Reproducability and reliability are two of the most important buzzwords when it comes to stirring. Mixing processes become really effective and, above all, intelligent with the right control that regulates the process precisely. Part 1 of our series on the subject of control shows you what is important in the stirring process ...


Fresh and fruity – gentle fruit processing with flexible PTM agitator

Sea buckthorn, aronia, Jerusalem artichoke – these are the local fruits from which our customer, Lienig Wildfruchtverarbeitung GmbH, produces its high-quality fruit juices, concentrates and pulps. The challenge: One agitator serving all containers from 15 to 1 100 liters…


Customised flange with Tri Clamp for more flexibility

Tri Clamp connections are used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries for process vessels. In addition to being quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, its advantages are easy cleaning. Our customer, the company 4GENE GmbH, uses them for the production of their high-quality aromas and fragrences…

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