To the automation industry belong suppliers of machines and systems who provide process automatisation. Their products can be found in all industries that need or wish to have a certain automatisation degree, for example to make processes easier, faster, more secure, more regular and reliable or cheaper.

PTM mechatronics has its roots in the automation technology. Numerous projects in mechanical engineering and automatisation technology make us your reliable and professional partner when it comes to individual requirements with regard to machines and systems of the drive technology. Our approach is to consider your individual requirements as a whole and from different perspectives in order to find your optimum solution. We are your idea provider, consultant, developer, manufacturer and installer – all under one roof.

A selection of projects at a glance:

  • Drive of friction wheels on balance systems
  • Rotary drives and tables
  • Drive of conveyor belts
  • Automated sealing of screw caps
  • Automated opening and closing of rolling gates of all kinds
  • Controlling of actuators of safety systems
  • Drive of cleaning brushes
  • Drive of linear axes

Our products

Leistungsstarke und energieeffiziente Druckluftmotoren und Rührwerke von PTM

Energy-efficient compressed air motors

High torque with low air consumption at the same time.


To fulfill all the requirements of our customers and to provide a maximum of support, no matter how challenging the task, we have professionalised in specific technologies:

ATEX safety

Certified for ATEX zones 1 and 0/1.

Stainless steel

Sterilisable, robust, resisant to acids and chemicals.

Clean room

Classified for clean room class ISO 1 according to DIN 14644.

IP68 waterproof

For applications with water and underwater.

Product brochure

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