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The packaging and printing industry includes manufacturers of all types of packaging for both the B2B and B2C sectors. The classic here is of course cardboard packaging as outer packaging in the form of folding cartons or boxes. However, bottles, cans, flacons, tubes, jars, pump dispensers, etc. are also included. Packaging is used to protect the products during transport and in trade. However, it now plays a central role as an advertising medium. That is why the design and printing of packaging is part of the packaging industry.

Our motors and agitators are used in every process step:

  • Manufacture and coating of paper
  • Manufacture of packaging material
  • Folding the packaging material (folding cartons and boxes)
  • Packaging the products (assembly lines, balance systems, etc.)
  • Printing (manufacture, processing and preparation of paint)

Our agitators and motors are perfectly adapted to the specifics of these processes.

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ATEX certified

PTM mechatronics is a specialist in ATEX environments and has a quality management system for the manufacture of Ex products according to ISO / IEC 80079-34: 2018-08. We have all the necessary certifications up to ATEX Zone 0/1 for both drive technology and agitator technology.


Our agitators and motors are high-precision machines with a permanently reliable operation. We offer you an intelligent control system with which you can regulate your processes and keep them precisely under control.

Safe working in the clean room

Some products need to be packaged in sterile environments and with sterile packaging. For these particularly sensitive applications, our motors and agitators are classified for the highest clean room class ISO1 according to DIN 14644.

100% work safety

When developing our products, we ensure compliance with all occupational safety requirements. In this way we avoid accidents in human-machine cooperation.


Our specialists will be happy to advise you on your application. You can find direct contact to us here.

Selection of products

Effiziente und leistungsstarke Containerrührwerke, Fassrührwerke, Stativrührwerke


From drives and drum agitators to large IBC container agitators and tripod agitators – we have the right solution for every application.

ATEX Laborrührer eco-Lab am Stativ für das effiziente Vermengen kleinerer Gemenge im Pharma und Laborbereich

Laboratory agitators

ATEX-certified laboratory stirrers for ATEX Zone 1 with a wide range of accessories for quality testing, laboratory, development.

Energieeffizienter Radialkolben Druckluftmotor

IP68 motors

Our waterproof motors can be used with and under water according to protection class IP68.

Energieeffizienter Druckluftmotor aus Edelstahl für den Betrieb mit hohem Hygieneanspruch

Clean room motors

Our stainless steel motors are classified for the highest clean room class ISO1 according to DIN 14644.

Stativrührwerke in der Sonderfertigung

Plant construction

Everything from a single source – we build your complete system and install it on site.

Stainless steel

Choose our high-quality stainless steel and benefit from:

  • Pharmaceutical and food conformity EU 10/2011
  • Clean room class ISO 1 according to DIN 14644
  • Hygienic electropolished surfaces
  • Protection class IP68
  • Sterilizable with hydrogen peroxide
  • Chemical resistance
  • Labeling with laser engraving
  • ATEX certificate
ATEX Stainless steel agitator ideal for hygenic and waterproof demanding environments like cleanrooms

Our technologies

Every industry has its own specific requirements for its drive and stirring technology. We know what is important to you and we specialize in specific technologies:

ATEX safety

Products certified for ATEX Zone 1 and 0/1.


We make your processes reliable and reproducible.

Clean room

Clean room classified for particularly sensitive products and environments.

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Safe processing of water-based paints

In the packaging industry, water-based paints serve on the one hand to protect the contents from external influences and, on the other hand, to give the packaging a high-quality look. For this purpose, water-based dispersion paints must always be kept homogeneous. Schumacher Packaging, Forchheim, guarantees this with agitators from PTM mechatronics…

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