The selection of the suitable impeller type is decisive for the optimal mixing result. Depending on the viscosity of the mixed substance and the mixing task (homogenisation, suspending, dispersing, etc.) one impeller might have more suitable characteristics than others. Besides our product portfolio, we will gladly advise you which impeller is the best for your application. Of course, we are able to develop your customer-specific solution according to your needs.

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eco-Cup impeller for an efficient low speed mixing process, or mixing solid materials


Hollow-body impellers provide an efficient mix even with low speed, also with solid materials or fibres, low-speed impeller. As a slow runner, they have a gentle stirring behavior.

eco Disc Impeller is easily cleanable for an efficient low speed mixing process and mixing solid materials


Mixing characteristics comparable to eco-Cup but more easily cleanable and slightly finer electropolished.

Impellers for eco up hand held agitator made of high quality stainless steel suitable for various mixing tasks

Helical ribbon impeller

Mainly solid material impeller, axial flow direction with laminar characteristic, particularly suitable for homogenisation and heat exchange, mixing motion optionally upwards or downwards.

Propeller Impeller allows turbulent mixing for homogenisation and dispersion


Quick axial mixer with turbulent mixing characteristic, particularly suitable for homogenisation, suspending, dispersing and circulation.

Dissolver disc for mixing not soluble substances like oil-water emulsions

Dissolver disc

Particularly suitable for the dispersing of at least two naturally not, or not readily, soluble substances, for example oil-water emulsions.

Pitch blade turbine with axial and radial flow direction for suspending and turbulent circulation

Pitch blade turbine

Axial and radial flow direction with turbulent mixing characteristic, particularly suitable for homogenisation, suspending, dispersing and circulation.

Scheibenrührer für IBC Containerrührwerk

Disk stirrer

The disk stirrer with vertical blades arranged outwards from the shaft is particularly suitable for emulsifying and gassing. The radially conveying agitator generates strong shear forces.

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