Tri Clamp connections are often used for process vessels in the food, chemical and pharma industries.

Tri Clamp Flansch aus Edelstahl für Lebensmittel, Chemie und Pharma.

Tri Clamp for process vessels in food, pharma and chemical industry.

Their advantages are an easy and quick mounting and removal and their easy cleaning which is important in industries with high hygiene requirements.

Edelstahl Rührwerke von PTM mechatronics

Process vessels in food, pharma and chemical industry

Our customer 4GENE, with business seat in Freising near Munich, is one of the leading innovators in the fields of aromas and fragrances for special taste and aroma experiences. The substances are processed in large process vessels. The vessels are equipped with several Tri Clamp connectors needed for different applications which are necessary along the production process. The Tri Clamp connectors facilitate the mounting and removal of devices, providing highest flexibility.

All devices, which are applied, have to be equipped with a Tri Clamp connector. Of course, the same applies for agitators, making them a special construction. Most manufacturers of stirring technology are not able to produce such special constructions due to their business model based on standard products. The PTM mechatronics team, however, focuses on special requirements of the food, pharma, chemical, cosmetic and automation industry and, consequently, has already realised various special constructions with Tri Clamp. In this case, we used high-quality stainless steel to meet the high hygiene requirements.

Kundenspezifischer Edelstahl Deckel mit eingeschweißten DN Flansch der PTM mechatronics

Customised agitator with stainless-steel Tri Clamp.

After project finalisation, we asked our customer for feedback: „The use of your pneumatic agitators has convinced us for several reasons. Your agitators are space-saving and applicable independently from any location. The drives’s operation is silent and stable. As the drives do not need any water-sensitive electricity, the cleaning is quick and effective.”

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