Tri Clamp connections are used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries for process vessels. In addition to being quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, its advantages are easy cleaning. Because hygiene plays a major role in these industries.

The case study

Our customer 4GENE, based in Freising near Munich, is one of the leading innovators in the areas of flavors and fragrances for special smell and taste experiences. The substances are produced in large tanks. These are equipped with tri-clamp connectors for the various applications along the production cycle so that the required devices can be quickly assembled and disassembled. This enables 4GENE to achieve maximum process flexibility.

All devices that are used on the tanks must therefore also have a tri-clamp connection. The agitators too. However, this is too special for most manufacturers of stirring technology and is therefore rarely possible. As an expert in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries with our own development and production department, we have already equipped several of our agitators with special flange solutions such as the tri-clamp connection. In this case made of high quality stainless steel.

Customer feedback

At the end of the project, we asked our customer how satisfied they were with our system: “The use of your pneumatic agitators convinced us for several reasons. Your motors can be attached in a space-saving manner to process tanks. The motors run smoothly and stably. The systems can be cleaned quickly and effectively as no water-sensitive electronics are used. “

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PTM mechatronics – we generate movement in special environments.

Tri Clamp Flansch aus Edelstahl für Lebensmittel, Chemie und Pharma.

Tri clamp components

Edelstahl Rührwerke von PTM mechatronics

Typical stainless-steel process vessels

ATEX Rührwerk mit TriClamp Verbindung

ATEX agitator with tri-clamp connection