Higher standards, stricter guidlines – today, companies across all industries have to deal with making their processes not only fast, inexpensive and easy, but also clean. And this controlled to the highest degree.The semiconductor industry, for example, can be considered here as an example. Highly sensitive processes are specially encapsulated in order to eliminate human influences. This requires general rethinking and the development of new production processes. This now also affects industries for which this topic is more or less new territory, such as plastic injection molding manufacturers or automotive suppliers. PTM has therefore been dealing with process automation in clean rooms for a number of years in order to be able to offer its customers the solutions they urgently need. Therefore we introduced on 23 and 24 October 2018 for the first time our cleanroom products at the Cleanzone in Frankfurt: Established manufacturer of automation technology for decades, we recently further developed our intelligent electric gripper for clean rooms. Classified according to DIN 14644 for ISO class 1, our clean room gripper works with the highest precision and absolute flexibility in every work step.

Our stainless-steel motor is also classified for ISO class 1. Developed on the basis of this efficient stainless steel motor, we offer a whole series of agitators usable for operation in clean rooms.

Together with our stand visitors, we dealt with questions such as: What degree of automation should be achieved? Is it a semi-automation with human support or is it a stand-alone devices? To what extent does safe human-machine collaboration play a role? Which criteria, such as moved weight, positioning accuracy or the integration of Industry 4.0, have to be considered when selecting the suitable robot?

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