Clean room

A clean room is a particularly clean environment, such as is necessary for scientific research or for the manufacture of sensitive products in the fields of medical technology, optics or semiconductor manufacturing. A clean room is measured via the contamination by foreign particles per room volume. There are several levels depending on the number of particles.

Machines and utensils that are used in such an environment must therefore meet certain properties. For this purpose, they are classified into nine different classes based on their effect on the particle concentration in the air. These are standardized by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

Classified machines are characterized by their low tribological particle release (abrasion), low electrostatic behavior and hygienic design. Both the choice of material and the technical functionality affect which and how many particles are released. Smooth surfaces without cracks or gaps reduce the occurrence of sources of contamination.

The devices are classified based on their effect on the particle concentration in the air according to the ISO 14644 standard. They are divided into one of the clean room classes ISO1 to 9. Each class describes a different maximum amount of particles per cubic meter, with 1 being the best class that can be achieved.

The machines with the degree of purity ISO9 (max. 293,000 particles ≥ 5.0 µm (micrometers)) to ISO6 (max. 293 ≥ 5.0 µm) are widely used in the food industry. The regulations in the semiconductor and chip industries are even stricter. In order to prevent electrostatic interference and contamination, the cleanroom-certified devices used correspond to the even finer classifications ISO5 (max. 29 ≥ 5.0 µm) to ISO1 (max. 2 ≥ 0.2 µm).

Our stainless-steel compressed air motor and agitators are also available in a clean room classified version. Our products got the best classification ISO1.

effizienter Atex Edelstahlmotor Reinraum geeignet und wasserdicht ideal für den hygienisch anspruchsvollen Einsatz

Stainless steel motor

Stainless steel motors classified for clean room class ISO1, food-safe, ATEX certified, IP68 waterproof.

ATEX Stainless steel agitator ideal for hygenic and waterproof demanding environments like cleanrooms


Our stainless steel agitators can optionally be used in all clean rooms.

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