Seals are fundamental components of various technical applications. They protect elements or transitions between components from the entry of undesired substances. They are also used to seal containers and pipes that transport liquids. Due to their large number of applications, seals differ in their shape, material and hardness.

For certain applications, for example in food production or paint production, seals are subject to special requirements. They have to withstand aggressive media, such as acids, without contaminating them. The seals must then be silicone-free and acetone-resistant.

Viton® seals are suitable for implementing FDA-compliant applications. These are fluoroelastomers from the US company DuPont Performance Elastomers. This material is characterized by its high thermal and chemical resistance. The generic term for materials of this type is fluororubber (FKM according to DIN ISO 1629). But the product name Viton® is more common.

PTM offers its products with different seals – depending on the application with silicone-free, acetone-resistant or Viton® seals.

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