IBC agitator
with screw-on system

Our IBC agitator with screw-on system weighs just 12.5kg, making it the lightest agitator for IBC containers. The agitator shaft is simply inserted into the opening of the container and screwed on. This agitator is particularly suitable when easy handling by one person is required and the substances to be stirred have a low to medium viscosity. For highly viscous substances, we recommend our IBC agitator with traverse.
ATEX Containerrührwerk mit Schraubbefestigung eco-Light

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Options & accessories

Hohlkörperrührorgan eco-Disc klappbar für IBC Container


Gentle stirring behavior, V4A stainless steel 1.4404, for openings > 150mm

Hohlkörperrührorgan eco-Cup klappbar für IBC Container


Gentle stirring behavior, V4A stainless steel 1.4404, for openings > 150mm

Hohlkörperrührorgan HDPE Disc


Gentle stirring behavior, HDPE plastic, for openings > 150mm

Scheibenrührer für IBC Containerrührwerk

Disc stirrer

Radial conveying, V4A stainless steel 1.4404, not foldable

Compressor for agitators


We supply you with compressors with the power that suits your application.

Extraction system with tripod agitator

Extraction system

Individual solutions to comply with the workplace limit values.

PTM timer for the efficient control of agitators


With a timer you can organize your stirring processes in terms of time.

Maintenance unit to regulate air treatment for a long service life

Connection set with maintenance unit

for a controlled, safe connection to your compressed air system.

Quick-change system for agitator shafts

Quick-change system

Change agitator shafts in seconds without screws, without tools.

Control panel with two-hand operation and emergency stop

Emergency stop switch

for safe operation in an emergency.

Control panel with two-hand operation and emergency stop

Restart protection

for a controlled restart of your agitator after an emergency stop.

Speed control for agitators

Speed control

Control the speed conveniently using our speed control with speed display.

Speed indicator for agitators

Speed indicator

Check actual RPM in real time with our speed indicator.

Edelstahlrührwerk mit Traverse auf IBC Container

Stirring containers

We will also supply you with the appropriate stirring container.

Stainless steel

Choose our high-quality stainless steel and benefit from:

  • Pharmaceutical and food conformity
  • Clean room class ISO 1 according to DIN 14644
  • Hygienic electropolished surfaces
  • Protection class IP68
  • Sterilizable with hydrogen peroxide
  • Chemical resistance
  • Labeling with laser engraving
ATEX Stainless steel agitator ideal for hygenic and waterproof demanding environments like cleanrooms


Data sheets

Combine your eco-Light with either our eco-Drive for ATEX zone 1 or our eco-Seal for ATEX zone 0/1 and positive or negative pressure applications.

Advantages of eco-Light


We would be happy to adapt the agitator to your individual requirements.


With only 12.5kg the lightest IBC agitator.


Due to the uncomplicated handling, you can quickly switch between different applications.


A wide range of accessories completes your agitator for your individual requirements.

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