Nürnberger Unternehmen DETE setzt auf Rührwerke von PTMA paint supply room is a colourful but sometimes dangerous place. Lacquers and paints emit vapours which can form explosive gas mixtures. This is why there are strict explosion protection regulations obligatory to comply with in ATEX areas. The Nuremberg company DETE Dr. Tettenborn GmbH has developed a compact lifting station for a clean and safe paint supply in ATEX areas – the DeLift. The stirring technology used is provided by PTM mechatronics.

„Pleasant cooperation“

Technical CEO Wolfdietrich Ederer described the PTM agitators as well as our whole company as consistently reliable, being worth a little extra charge: “There is a huge range of different sizes, a detailed documentation accompanying each application and order. Communication is straightforward. It always is a pleasant cooperation.”

PTM mechatronics – we generate movement in special environments.