It’s all about the right seasoning – or the right stirring concept

What would a hearty dish be without the right seasoning? Certainly a dull affair for Erhan Yazici. That’s why the restaurateur created his own chili oil and also founded his company, Gistos GmbH, based in Waldkraiburg.

Erhan Yazici already had the balanced recipe for the spicy taste experience in mind. Now the chili oil only had to be mass-produced and bottled. Can’t be that hard, can it? In fact, Erhan Yazici quickly encountered unforeseen problems. No contract bottler wanted to take on the serial bottling. Why?

Well, chili oil, as the name suggests, consists primarily of chilli flakes and oil. Compared to the liquid oil, the chili flakes have a greater density. So what happens if you leave the mixture of chili flakes and oil? The chili flakes will settle to the bottom again within a very short time. So if you have achieved the optimal mixing and start bottling, some chili flakes have already settled back to the bottom. Result: The mixture in the filled jars will always have a fluctuating ratio of chili flakes and oil. Once more chilli flakes, once less. Logically a no-go for commercial sales.

No bottler could face this problem. What now? Erhan Yazici then decided to set up the production line himself and turned to PTM mechatronics. Working with our team, Erhan Yazici designed his own production line. A food-safe PTM stainless steel agitator, which was specially put together for Gistos’ application, ensures that the chilli oil is mixed safely and consistently. The chili oil is filled directly into the small jars via a filling system while the stirring process is running and then labeled with a labeling machine. Finished.

Do you know the problem of mixtures of different densities? In our test laboratory we simulate your application under real conditions. Here we can select the right equipment for your perfect stirring result from our large range of agitators. Also for components that are difficult to mix. Let our experts advise you.


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