Big, high-performance agitators for IBC containers are difficult to handle? Not necessarily. Our IBC container agitator eco-Light provides an easy handling with a net weight of just 12.5kg.

ATEX Containerrührwerk mit Schraubbefestigung eco-Light

How does that work?

Our IBC container agitator eco-Light consists of a high-performance drive, agitator shaft with foldable impeller and a practical screw cap – all together weighing not more than 12.5kg. The agitator, therefore, can be lifted, inserted into the container and screwed tight by just one person. Without screws, without tools.

ATEX certified, robust and hygienic

Despite its low-weight construction, the IBC container agitator is applicable in ATEX zone 0/1. All parts, which are in contact with the substance inside the container, are made of high-quality stainless-steel and, therefore, are robust and hygienic.

100%  occupational safety

Apart from the easy handling, the process complies with all occupational safety requirements. No danger from electric current, cable break or pinched cables. No dangerous use of lift trucks. No accident risks due to the cooperation with a second person, for example stumbling or coordination problems. Simply mount the agitator, connect compressed air supply and the agitator is ready for use.

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