Many processes in the stirring technology are cumbersome, outdated, time-consuming and, above all, unclean. The mixing of liquids, however, is a key process in many fields of the industry. This is why it should be efficient, easy and clean.

Edelstahl Schnellwechselsystem für Rührwellen für Rührwerke der PTM mechatronics

PTM mechatronics strives to redefine stirring technology. Processes, in which substances of all kinds are processed every day, can, of course, be hygienic and simple, reduced to a minimum of work effort.

The change of agitator shafts is an everyday process in many industries. Regarding the mixing of varnishes, one single agitator is used to stir in different colours. A regular cleaning of the agitator shaft and element would be too time-consuming. Therefore, the agitator shaft is removed from the agitator and replaced by another one for the new colour.

Up to now, screws have to be loosened and attached again.In many cases with just one hand as the other one has to hold the agitator shaft. Due to that, two people have to undertake the process, which costs time and money. In most cases tools are used. But what if a tool falls into the liquid inside the stirring tank? At least, the process often cannot be undertaken without polluting the whole area around the agitator including the agitator itself.

Of course, this process is long outdated. The procedure has to be simple, quick and, especially for sensitive environments, hygienic. These characteristics set as cornerstones, the engineers of PTM mechatronics developed the quick-change system for agitator shafts eco-Quick. With just one hand, the agitator shaft can be removed smoothly from the agitator and attached again. Without tools, without screws. A special sealing prevents the ingress of liquids into the system. The sealing is easily replaceable. The quick-change system is durable and easy to maintain. It is produced in our in-house production and completely made of stainless steel. Therefore, it is robust and easy to clean, even with aggressive substances.

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