Our ATEX certified motors provide 100% explosion protection in explosive areas. Due to their purely mechanical construction, they neither can develop sparks nor heat that may lead to ignition hazards.

The two following examples show the successful application of our ATEX motors in highly explosive areas:

Operation on rocket launching pad

Our customer’s industry is the aerospace industry*. Our motors are mounted and operated on rocket launching pads. Consequently, our motors do not only have to provide 100% ATEX safety but also have to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Why the PTM compressed air motor was given priority to electric and vane motors

Our customer consciously decided to take the PTM compressed air motors and not electric or vane motors: Electric and vane motors both need some seconds to start up and, then, suddenly develop their full speed. This abrupt start up can generate friction between the construction’s components and lead to sparks and, consequently, explosions. PTM compressed air motors, however, generate their full torque from the first second on and continuously maintain their smooth operation.

Production of dynamite ignitors

Our customer, a Czech manufacturer of dynamite ignitors*, produces his dynamite ignitors on two large special machines.

Each machine is equipped with six ATEX motors of PTM mechatronics. Besides the safe appllication of our ATEX motors in explosive areas, the high energy savings of up to 90% compared to vane motors and their high torque were decisive for the purchase desicion.

Energieeffizienter ATEX Druckluftmotor für explosive Atmosphären

Special features

Besides its ATEX certification, our ATEX motor’s advantages are its excellent energy efficiency and high performance. Additionally, its speed can be adjusted precisely. It is resilient to standstill and IP67 waterproof as standard.

Consulting and contact

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*We are not allowed to mention the names of our customers due to reasons of secrecy.