DN Flansch für ATEX Rührwerke und RührwerksantriebeThe application range of agitators is versatile and includes many different industries such as food production and automation as well as pharma and the chemical industry. The way in which agitators are mounted to their containers differs from application to application. But it always is a kind of flange.

DN Flansch für ATEX Rührwerke und Rührwerksantriebe

Some industries developed explicit standards that now build the basis for almost all flange solutions used. These standards facilitate the installation of new applications and the exchange of agitators.

In the fields of pharma and laboratory, so called DN flanges are common. This kind of flange consists of two welding neck flanges which are connected by means of a clamp. The removal of agitators is simply and comfortably conducted by opening the clamp.

DN Flansch für ATEX Rührwerke und Rührwerksantriebe

Due to some requests of customers of the pharma and laboratory industry, PTM mechatronics has developed ATEX agitators and drives with integrated DN flange solution.

All solutions can individually be adapted to the customer’s needs, opening a wide range of possibilities.

Are you in search of ready-to-use agitators or drives with DN flange? Our experts will be pleased to advise you: +49 8134 25 797 0 or info@ptm-mechatronics.com.

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