Our tripod agitators for small containers make the stirring in small containers and the container exchange easy, clean and safe. No matter if small plastic or metal buckets, wide-neck drums or lever-lid cans, our tripod agitator is extremely flexible and adjustable for various different container sizes.

Our tripod agitator for small containers consists of a lifting station with fixed agitator and a holding device for containers. We can flexibly adapt the motor performance to the viscosity of the substance. The high-quality stainless-steel holding device is manufactured according to your individual container sizes. Various different container sizes are organised through different levels. Each level is adapted to one specific container size. A solid clamping device fixes the containers safely. Customised base frames provide an ergonomic work height.

The exchange of containers often goes hand in hand with an exchange of agitator shafts. We, therefore, recommend the combination with our quick-change system eco-Quick, with which agitator shafts are exchanged within a few seconds, without screws, without tools.

Our tripod agitators for small containers provide a completely flexible and effective working, saves time and space.

Stativrührwerk für Kleingebinde

With customised base frame

Stativrührwerk für Kleingebinde mit Behälterebenen

Holding device

Stativrührwerk für Kleingebinde mit verdrehsicherer Befestigung

Solid clamping

Use our tripod agitators for your:
Plastic and metal buckets, wide-neck drums, lever-lid cans and buckets, hobbocks, conical buckets, two-component packagings, press-in/plug lid cans, paint cans, round bottles, screw-capped bottles, round cans, and much more.

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