Our customer is a Czech special machine manufacturer. His core business is the construction of machines for the automatic closing of bottles and jars in the food industry. In our case it was the sealing of pickle jars. He approached us with the request to replace the previously used servomotors with PTM radial piston motors.

Why PTM motors?

The background to his wish: Our motors were cheaper to buy and easier and cheaper to install. In addition, he wanted to modernize the entire application and make it technically easier to control.

Control made easy

The speed of the motor can be easily adjusted using a throttle valve on the engine. The speed is thus influenced by the flow rate.
The torque, on the other hand, is set using a manometer that regulates the air pressure. Compressed air at 6 bar generates the highest torque, compressed air at 2 bar the lowest. Our customer uses these settings to always close the lids of the pickle jars the same way. When the desired torque is reached, the motors stop.

This technology is purely mechanical and therefore much cheaper and easier than building a servo motor and addressing it via a controller or software (which must first be programmed).

This technology is not only used for closing bottles and jars, but also for winding machines or reel and coil applications. The tensile stress is set once by means of a manometer and thus permanently guaranteed.

The compressed air consumption to close a lid with a 1/4 turn is negligible. Thus, the system is not only technically easy to operate, but also environmentally friendly and cost-saving.

Of course, our customer was provided with a test motor in advance to convince himself of our powerful, energy-efficient and uncomplicated air motors.

Details and contact

You can find more information about our motors here.
We would be happy to advise you individually on your application. Please contact us: +49 8134 25 797 0 or info@ptm-mechatronics.com.


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