Tri Clamp

Tri Clamp connections are widely used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The reason is that their seamless, smooth and corrosion-free surfaces made of stainless steel, unlike many other connection options, do not allow any dead spaces for impurities or other contaminations. The connecting pieces that perfectly match each other can be found using the globally applicable BS, DIN and ISO standards. These standards make it possible to meet the stringent aseptic cleanliness requirements that these industries are subject to. Another advantage is that it is very easy and quick to establish a connection using Tri Clamps.

Tri Clamp Flansch aus Edelstahl für Lebensmittel, Chemie und Pharma.

Tri-clamp connector, seal and clamp made of stainless steel for food, chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Tri clamps consist of three components: nozzle, seal and clamp. A connection is established via the nozzles that are attached to the two components to be connected. The corresponding seal is clamped in between. The connection is then summarized via the bracket. It is important not to overtighten the clamp so that the parts are not damaged. The seal does the rest. The market offers a wide variety of seals for a wide variety of applications, for example silicone, EPDM, Viton, PTFE. There are also different adapters and ready-made applications for the nozzles, such as sight glasses for process vessels, shut-off valves or check valves. On request, PTM mechatronics offers individual tri-clamp connections for all of its agitators and covers.

Edelstahldeckel mit Tri Clamp Stutzen für PTM Rührwerk

PTM agitator with Tri Clamp flange and stainless steel lid

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