IP67 and IP68

The IP protection class indicates how well an electrical device, for example a smartphone, is protected against the ingress of foreign bodies. This includes protection against solids as well as liquids. IP stands for International Protection, but also Ingress Protection – the information varies at this point. The numeric code is made up of two digits. The first digit describes the size of the solid particles that can enter the device. It ranges from 0 (no protection or not tested) to 6 (dust-proof). The individual stages are differentiated according to the diameter of the particles.

The second digit stands for protection from water. So it describes how waterproof the housing of a device is. The scale ranges from 0 (no protection or not tested) to 8 (waterproof and suitable for continuous use under water). As a supplement, the IEC has also added class 9 (protection against powerful, hot water jets).

In some applications there is also a third category. This describes the protection against the effects of violence and is in most cases left out.

Devices are assigned to the individual levels in standardized tests. The guideline was established by the International Electrotechnical Commission based in Geneva (Switzerland).

As standard, all PTM products meet the IP67 standard. This makes them dust-tight and protected against temporary submersion. Where the application requires it, our compressed air motors and agitators are also available completely waterproof and suitable for use under water. This guarantees protection class IP68.

Leistungsstarker wasserdichter Druckluftmotor IP68 für den Betrieb auch Unterwasser geeignet.

IP68 motor

IP68 motors are waterproof up to 40m depth and seawater resistant.

Stainless steel agitator, ATEX certified, IP68, clean room classified, sterilizable


All of our agitators are available in stainless steel and are therefore IP68 waterproof.

Die Edelstahlmotoren sind lebensmittelecht, ATEX zertifiziert, IP68 wasserdicht, zertifiziert für Reinraum ISO Klasse 1 und sterilisierbar mit Wasserstoffperoxid.

Stainless steel motors

Our stainless steel motors are also IP68 waterproof.

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