Report on the cooperation between our customer Piper GmbH and PTM mechatronics:

PTM Rührwerke bei der Piper GmbHStirring is a fundamental process in various industrial processes: not only paints, varnishes and other coating materials, but also food and medicines are stirred during production. When it comes to tricky special applications, conventional agitators from series production reach their limits. Then a special solution is required, as developed by Piper GmbH. The Berlin company supplies systems for paint supply and here relies on compressed air motors from PTM mechatronics.

Piper develops special solutions with PTM motors

Color supply made to measure

“A science in itself”, is how Klaus Linke calls the stirring process. The engineer for surface technology names the frequency, torque, cycle, temperature and shape of the agitator as examples of various parameters that have to be taken into account if several substances are to be ideally mixed together. Linke designs special solutions for paint supply at the Berlin company Piper GmbH. In the simplest case, this includes the paint pressure tank, an agitator and a spray gun. Where such off-the-shelf systems are no longer sufficient, the work of Linke and his colleagues begins.

Protective layer for wind turbines

An example of such a special mission can be found in many places in the landscape. Linke has developed a system that is used in the construction of wind turbines. The towers and rotors are painted with a special protective layer. “Because the protective varnish has extraordinary properties that require special treatment, we designed an individual paint supply,” says Linke. Depending on the application, Linke uses a wide range of components and puts them together to create a unique piece. He describes his job as follows: “We deliver, so to speak, the tailor-made suit for the customer.” This not only requires a lot of experience in handling different materials, but also a profound knowledge of the products used.

Radial piston motor outperforms vane motor

For some years now, in addition to electric and axial piston motors, the radial piston motor from PTM mechatronics has also been used more and more frequently. Engineer Linke values ​​the economical compressed air motor, among other things, for the high torque that it exerts when it starts up: “The motor shows its advantages particularly when highly viscous liquids have to be stirred.” Piper used to use vane motors in many systems. “But we often had to use a transmission,” explains Linke, “in addition, the consumption of compressed air and thus of energy was significantly higher.” In these categories, the radial piston principle clearly stands out from the lamellar design, says Linke.

Special requirements in the food industry

And he lists another point that is particularly important especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries. There are high requirements in terms of hygiene and cleanliness, which is why the agitators are cleaned regularly. “Contact with the often aggressive cleaning agents damages the drive,” explains Linke. In order to be able to clean the agitator shaft and impeller separately from the motor, the drive must be easily removable – as is the case with radial piston motors from PTM. Since more and more manufacturers have stopped using environmentally harmful solvents and started producing water-based paints and varnishes, correct stirring has become even more important. “Incorrect stirring changes the properties,” explains paint supply expert Linke. In order to achieve the best possible result, all components have to work together perfectly. “We have to know the individual product properties and adapt the entire system to them.”

Flexible compressed air motors from PTM

The Berlin tinkerer appreciates the exchange with the manufacturers, for example with PTM managing director Carsten Angermeyer. “We advise each customer individually and manufacture to their order,” says Angermeyer. “We build our radial piston motors in different designs and sizes.”

Even under water or contact with aggressive environments the PTM motors work efficially and save.

There is a suitable radial piston motor for almost every pneumatic application. You can get an overview over our product portfolio here.

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