Smooth, flawless surfaces, slim, reduced shapes, flowing transitions – the entire construction of the new stainless steel line for drives from PTM mechatronics is designed for highly sensitive, hygienic operation in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics production. Agitators, conveyors, actuators and other actuators can be connected directly and individually. The new INOX drives add a wide range of properties that have not previously been available on the market and that make the implementation of hygienic standards safe and easy. But where has the problem actually been so far? And what’s the solution?
Stainless steel agitator, ATEX certified, IP68, clean room classified, sterilizable
Openings, corners and gaps – ideal sources of contamination

Conventional drives have ventilation grilles or cooling fins. These are technically necessary components to cool the motors. There are also screw connections, cut edges and corners in the construction. If transmissions are necessary, these are flanged separately to the drives. All of these components form undercuts and gaps. These are ideal places for the deposition of dusts and other substances, be it from the production itself or the environment. Sharp corners or gaps in particular are then difficult or impossible to clean. This allows germs to multiply unhindered and ultimately contaminate the production goods.

Our solution:

All INOX drives from PTM mechatronics have a completely closed, smoothly polished housing made of high-quality V4A stainless steel 1.4404. Due to their technical nature, they cool themselves. Ventilation grilles and fans are obsolete. The outer construction is fluid, there are neither gaps nor unnecessary undercuts. Necessary corners and edges are rounded according to our soft-edge design to ensure easy cleaning and to minimize residues.

Our transmissions are integrated directly into the housing of the drive. This way we avoid additional gaps.

For particularly sensitive applications, we rely on hygienic laser engraving for nameplates and instructions and thus dispense with stickers that are susceptible to dirt.

Druckluftmotor Edelstahl mit ATEX Zertifizierung, IP68 wasserdicht, Reinraumtauglich, sterilisierbar
Dust swirls endanger hygienic production

Conventional drives swirl the surrounding air with their ventilation grilles and fans. In doing so, they literally hurl the surrounding or production dust into their environment. This gets caught in the sensitive production process or settles on the production lines when the environment calms down. This process affects the entire production facility and is not in the least controllable. Therefore, in general, attempts will be made to install these drives as far away as possible from the production process.

Our solution:

The solution is to keep the environment calm and not let any turbulence arise in the first place.

Due to the self-cooling property of the INOX drives already mentioned, their housings have neither ventilation grilles nor fans. The exhaust air is organized elegantly via a small hose and can thus be discharged at any point in a precisely controlled manner. This means that no distances to the production process have to be taken into account. The need to clean production facilities is reduced to the normal level of production due to the prevented whirling up. This is why our drives are even classified in the highest clean room class ISO1 according to DIN 14644 and can therefore be used in all clean rooms.

Electric drives and cleaning – when one excludes the other

Electric drives naturally pose a risk when it comes to cleaning with water or steam. Cooling fins and fans are perfect entry points for all kinds of substances. Short circuits and the associated fire or explosion hazards must be taken into account. Especially when the production goods themselves are also flammable materials. Either a large distance to the production section to be cleaned must now be maintained or the electric drive is protected accordingly. But even then there is a certain risk of contact with water and moisture. It becomes even more dangerous and complicated when the drive itself has to be cleaned.

Our solution:

Our INOX drives are not only resistant to all kinds of substances, including aggressive ones. They are also waterproof to IP68. This means that in the most extreme case, they could be completely submerged in water. They would even continue to do their work unhindered. This means that our INOX drives can be easily cleaned with steam, water jets or water baths. The same goes for dust. Not a drop of water or a grain of dust gets into the interior of the drives. This also makes them less prone to malfunctions and requires little maintenance.

Seals and oils – the horror of every hygienic production

Conventional drives require oils to run smoothly. Transmissions are stored in oil. Seals release oils and silicones after a certain period of time. A contamination of the production goods in pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics with oils or silicones is probably one of the biggest no-gos of all. The more oils used, the greater the risk. Contamination often happens without ever being discovered: through old seals or small leaks in the construction.

Our solution:

All seals of our INOX drives are made of food-safe materials as standard, which neither release dangerous silicone nor oils. In addition, we only use food-safe lubricants. Since our drives are completely sealed according to protection class IP68, not only does nothing get inside the drives – nothing comes out either.

Edelstahl Rührwerk eco-Seal INOX Serie mit ATEX Zertifizierung, IP68 wasserdicht, Reinraumtauglich, Sterilisierbar

Your advantages at a glance


Pharmaceutical and food conformity EU 10/2011

ATEX safety

ATEX certificate for ATEX zone 1

Clean room

Categorized for clean room class ISO1 according to DIN 14644

Hygienic quality

Hygienic electropolished surfaces and soft-edge design


Protection class IP68 for moisture and dust


Sterilizable with hydrogen peroxide


Resistant to chemicals and acids

Laser engraving

Labeling with hygienic laser engraving
In addition to the many advantages of our INOX series, you will receive detailed and practical advice. We work with you to develop the best solution for your requirements, be it agitators, complete stirring systems, conveyor belts, balancing systems and many more. And we certainly have one or the other idea to make your solution even more efficient, intelligent or convenient. Just contact us.

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