PTM compressed air motors are significantly more efficient and powerful than Gast vane motors:

Germany’s largest paint manufacturer for special lacquers and air craft construction opened the doors of its technology centre to PTM CEO Carsten Angermeyer. Here, ten agitators in a ring circuit simulation are used for tests and presentations.

Equipped with a consumption test device, the testers began with the direct comparison between the two pneumatic motor types: vane motors (Gast vane motors in our case) and our PTM radial piston motor.

Both motor types were tested in idle speed, at full load and in standstill. The results speak for themselves:

Consumption in idle speed:
Gast vane motor: 250l/min.                       PTM radial piston motor: 21l/min

Consumption at full load:
Gast vane motor: 200l/min.                       PTM radial piston motor: 10l/min

Consumption in standstill:
Gast vane motor: 250l/min                         PTM radial piston motor: 0l/min

The PTM radial piston motor with its high torque could not be stopped by hand even when Dabei ließ sich der PTM Radialkolbenmotor von Hand selbst bei größtem Krafteinsatz nicht anhalten, während der Lamellenmotor mit einer Hand augenblicklich stillstand.

Recap of the results:

  1. PTM motors, on average, consume over 90% less of energy and costs than vane motors.
  2. At full load, the consumption decreases by 50%. Vane motors further on have nearly the same consumption as in idle speed, counting up to 95% more energy consumption and costs.
  3. In idle speed, vane motors continue to consume much of energy whereas the air consumption of radial piston motors decreases to a minimum, counting up to energy savings of about 96%.
  4. Radial piston motors have a far higher torque than vane motors. They provide maximum performance while consuming just a minimum of compressed air – without any additional transmission.

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