ATEX zertifizierte Stativrührwerke, Wandrührwerke, Hängerührwerke, Hubstationen eco-Station, Bedienpult, Deckel, Notstop, ZweihandbedienungWhen agitators, or any other products, are sold in the EU, the CE labelling is obligatory. It is intended to assure the purchaser that the product complies with the relevant regulations and that a so-called conformity assessment procedure has been conducted. That should protect a buyer from unsafe products which could cause him any damage. So far, so good.

Now, we would like to lean back comfortably seeing the CE labelling on our just purchased product. But, unfortunately, it is not that easy. And the worst thing: Unawareness can become pretty expensive. Why? Let us explain the context taking our stand agitator as an example:

The case study

A stand agitator is a stirring station combining lifting station and fixed agitator. The lifting station lifts and lowers the agitator by means of a controllable automatic.

The stand agitator consists of various components: lifting station, agitator, cap, agitator shaft, impeller, and so on. These individual components are purchased as so-called „incomplete machines“. Assembled to form a stand agitator, the machinery directive evaluates them as “complete machine”.

Liability lies with the operator

Now we face the problem: many products, which consist of several components, possibly purchased from different manufacturers, show the CE labelling. But the buyer does not know if the CE label relates to the „complete machine“ or to one of the components only. Some manufacturers do not take that appropriately seriously. Or they simply take advantage of the unawareness of the purchaser. Because: in case of an accident, the operator is the one responsible for the incorrect CE labelling, not the manufacturer.

How to protect yourself

You can be sure that all PTM mechatronics products comply with the relevant regulations as „complete machines“. With regard to other manufacturers, we would recommend to specifically ask if the CE labelling relates to the complete machine or to individual components only. To be completely sure, you should request evidence of the conducted conformity assessment. If the manufacturer fails to furnish such evidence, it is advisable to not take any risks and, consequently, to not purchase the product.


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