ATEX Stainless steel agitator ideal for hygenic and waterproof demanding environments like cleanrooms


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the national agency for food and drugs in the United States. It sets strict requirements for the production of food and drugs and regulates their approval for the US market. It fulfills the tasks that are carried out in Germany by Food Control and the Medicines Agency.

Because the rules of the FDA also apply to imported goods, they are also binding for all manufacturers who want to export to the USA. Therefore, in the production of food or pharmaceuticals, there is an urgent need to meet FDA standards. In these two sectors in particular, hygiene plays a major role. All machines involved in production and processing must therefore be easy to clean and withstand contact with aggressive media such as dust or acids without contaminating them. Various measures must be taken to meet these standards.

PTM mechatronics replaces steel components with stainless steel in order to prevent rust from occurring in the first place. Our motor as well as our whole agitator product portfolio are available in stainless steel. A special treatment of the surface, for example by electropolishing, smooths the material. This means that less dirt is deposited in the microscopic grooves, which makes cleaning and disinfection much easier. The development of our products is subject to our soft-edge design to avoid difficult to clean areas.

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