Effizientes Rührwerk als Sonderlösung für viskose, zähflüssige Medien, Flüssigkeiten - ATEX zertifiziert.The fat processing industry faces particular challenges when it comes to mixing or stirring their products. By nature, fats are highly viscous media. Simple agitators are insufficient due to insufficient torque and poor mixing results. Of course, this also applies to other industries that have to mix or stir viscous media, such as adhesives, glues, sealants or fillers.

In one project, initially at the request of a customer stirring in 30l containers, PTM mechatronics developed an efficient agitator especially for viscous media in its in-house technical center. To ensure sufficient performance, our engineers used a large and powerful motor compared to the size of the tank. The result was already good, but did not yet quite meet the high demands that we place on the fulfillment of our customers’ wishes. That is why we did not use only one but two stacked, oppositely arranged impellers in order to obtain a perfect mixing result.

The challenge was to find the perfect combination of the power of the motor and the number and size of the agitator blades. After a few tests, we found the perfect combination and can now offer interested customers a well-engineered and reliable product. It goes without saying that our agitators for viscous media are also ATEX certified.

Despite the high performance of our radial piston motor, like all PTM products, consumes extremely little compressed air and thus saves energy and costs.

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