EX feedthrough

Material: PTFE EX
Temperature resistance: -15°C to +200°C
Chemical resistance: ++ excellent
Conductivity: 1 000 kOhm

Product description:
The ground joint made of PTFE-EX  with raised sealing rings forms the sealing within the socket. The special sealing made of PTFE-EX with a FKM O-ring provides a safe sealing towards the agitator shaft by means of dosed pressure of the GL screw cap. The hole with internal thread M5 on the knurl discharges static charges.

Perfect stirrer control for stainless steel, glas and PTM-EX stirrer elements.

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Overview Stirring technology

From laboratory agitators to large IBC containers – find your perfect solution:

Energy efficient ATEX agitator Drives for drum and IBC containers, stainless-steel stirring systems and accessories

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