Pneumatics as a lifeline in times of shortage

From October 24th to 30th the bauma (mining and construction machinery fair) took place in Munich. We also visited bauma and our customers’ stands. One statement in particular stood out during the discussions: Pneumatics will become more important in the future.

Lack of electrical components pushes pneumatics

The shortage of electrical components that has been prevalent for some time is increasingly worrying our customers. Whole production areas are at a standstill because the necessary parts are missing due to extremely long delivery times – if they are available at all for the foreseeable future.

Since most do not expect an end to the shortage for the time being, they switch to pneumatics. Electric motors are replaced by air motors. This is where the pneumatic motors score, since they work completely without electronics and sensors. They are therefore not subject to the current deficiency and can be delivered immediately.

Smooth transition from electric motors to air motors

In practice, replacing electric motors with air motors is extremely simple in most cases. In many productions, compressed air systems are already in place due to other applications. The motors only have to be connected to the existing compressed air system and integrated into the unit, and the production areas can be put back into operation.

Saving energy as a welcome side effect

Not only electrical components are in short supply. Our energy is also currently a scarce and therefore expensive commodity. This means that the PTM compressed air motor wins twice over: It develops maximum performance with the lowest energy consumption. This means that after the switch, our customers are also prepared for the future and save energy and costs immediately.

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Are you also confronted with delivery bottlenecks and are you looking for a forward-looking solution? Do you want to sustainably reduce the energy consumption of your production? Our experts will be happy to discuss the possible uses of our air motors and your possibilities of conversion with you. We will also help you with the practical implementation at your site. You can find direct contact to us here.

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