PTM Rührwerk mit Milchgewinde auf Edelstahltank für Lebensmittel und Chemie
Milk pipe fittings are used, among other things, in the food industry and also in the chemical industry. As their name suggests, they are often used in the pipelines of milking systems. But they are also often found in distilleries, milk processing companies and the beverage industry in general.

Their advantages are clearly the coarse, rounded thread flanks, which enable easy and hygienic cleaning. They are standardized according to DIN 11851. Consequently, milk pipe fittings are mostly made of stainless steel. The material is robust against aggressive media and can be cleaned with detergents and even sterilized with hydrogen peroxide. This enables them to be used in accordance with the regulations in the food industry. Similar standard screw connections are the TriClamp connection or the DN flange, which have their own advantages and common areas of application.

PTM Rührwerk mit Milchgewinde auf Edelstahltank für Lebensmittel und Chemie
PTM Rührwerk mit Milchgewinde und Deckel mit Stutzen

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