Hygiene is in the details

The implementation of high hygienic standards is a daily routine in food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. That is why the implementation must be straightforward and safe. Otherwise there is a risk of extensive cleaning work and quality defects.

Done right, the implementation of high hygiene standards is not as complicated as one might think. The first premise is quite simply not to let dirt deposits develop in the first place. With well thought-out, optional design concepts for our agitators, systems and equipment, we don’t give dirt a chance from the outset:

Hygienic Design Interior

Our Hygienic Design Interior focuses on hygiene in the stirring tank. Commercially available screw connections automatically lead to undercuts in which dirt accumulates. We therefore use screw connections that are certified according to the guidelines of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group). The special characteristics are:

  • fastening without dead spaces thanks to sealed screw-on surfaces
  • high surface quality
  • large corner radii and closed surfaces.
Edelstahlrührwerk mit Hygienic Design
Soft-Edge Design

Gaps, dirty corners and undercuts make extensive cleaning processes necessary. Our Soft-Edge Design creates flowing transitions with rounded corners and edges. In this way, we reduce surfaces that are susceptible to contamination to a minimum. This applies to our drives and agitators as well as our equipment.

Rührorgan eco-Disc
Welded and electropolished
agitator shaft and impeller

Our design concepts are options that you can order in addition to our stainless steel series eco-Inox. In combination, you get hygienic security of the highest quality. Get an overview of our eco-Inox series here or let one of our experts advise you.


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