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As your reliable and professional partner, we would like to show you what makes us special and which projects and tasks we deal with.
In our PTM wiki you have the posibility to browse different topics. Because you do not need to know everything, you just need to know where to find it.

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Our strengths

Compressed air motors

Since many years, our compressed air motors have proven themselves in the market as robust and high-quality drives for various, also challenging, environments. It is not without reason that many of our customers have remained loyal from the beginning on until today, and irrevocably count on our compressed air motors based on the high-performance and energy-efficient radial piston principle of PTM mechatronics.

Stirring and agitating technology

Being based on the radial piston principle of our motors, our stirring technology, as well, is focused on ultimate energy efficiency. Additionally, all products are ATEX certified and provide a reliable all-round carefree package with perfect agitating results.

Electric grippers

The most important keywords are flexibility and precision. As technological pioneer, we offer a product range of individually adjustable grippers with ultimate precision work – in clean and ultra-clean rooms, with water and underwater, collaborative.

Efficient and high-performance

We are experts for energy-efficient products – protect the environment, save energy and costs.

Our industries

We are an ATEX certified company. We are your experts in explosion-endangered environments and other special fields.

Our products meet the special requirements of the food sector – stainless steel, food-safe, chemical and acid resistant, sterilizable.

In our team are experts with long-time experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

PTM mechatronics commenced its history in the automation industry – that means over 30 years of experience and know-how.

PTM in practice


PTM now certified as expert for ATEX

We not only want to purport that we are THE expert for ATEX. Now, we also can prove it.


PTM develops rotation axis for machines in ATEX zone 0

In its special production, PTM mechatronics has developed a flexibly applicable rotation axis, which is able to handle various tasks  and operate machines in ATEX zone 0.

PTM wiki

What is a clean room? How many liters fit into a hobbock? What are the applications of ferrite-free motors? PTM products are in demand for various industries in which they have to meet various requirements and challenges. To not leave you out in the rain with any questions you may have, we have set up a PTM wiki. Because you do not need to know everything, you just need to know where to find it.

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