Timers are excellent helpers when it comes to making stirring processes safe, reproducible and effective.


It sounds logical that a medium has to be stirred for a long enough time in order, depending on the stirring task, to achieve the right mixing or the necessary state of aggregation, for example. However, it’s easy to overdo it. Many substances react when they are stirred to long by changing their viscosity. They become more fluid. This is related to the shear forces that act when stirring, pumping or mixing. The technical term for this is thixotropy.

Therefore it is important to know on the one hand which medium falls into this group and on the other hand how it can be stirred as a result. And now, of course, the process has to be structured accordingly. A timer will help you here. You can easily set how long the medium should be stirred. The agitator switches off reliably after the time has elapsed. There is also no longer any risk of forgetting to switch off in time.


Do you attach great importance to the constant quality of the mixing result in your production? Here, too, a timer helps you to make your process calculable and reproducible. After the optimal stirring time for your material has been determined, you can repeat the process permanently. You will receive matching batches and always guarantee the same quality.


A timer not only makes your stirring process safe and reproducible, but also efficient. Using the timer saves you having to “watch the clock” and the presence of a skilled worker to monitor the process. Let the signal remind you when the time has elapsed. No downtime, no idling. The system is made even more intelligent by a central control in which the timer is integrated.

PTM timer for the efficient control of agitators

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