Stirring on wheels

Did you know that some substances from the pharmaceutical or chemical industry are so sensitive to changes in their aggregate state that they have to be stirred continuously? If the stirring process is not carried out, even for a short time, the components will settle out or the mixtures will split into their individual components. This in turn leads to quality losses in the homogeneity of the products. Some substances are so sensitive that stirring them up is not possible or at least could be harmful.

Some substances, on the other hand, are delivered just-in-time. This requires the goods to be ready for immediate use. They are unloaded and immediately transferred to the further production process. Prior stirring is not possible for logistical and/or time reasons.

Despite such challenging conditions, these media have to be transported.

What do you do with these substances during transport?

For our customer, the Talke Group, this is day-to-day business. Founded in 1947, today it is a leading logistics company specializing in goods for the chemical and petrochemical industries.

In order to guarantee the quality of the goods from collection to unloading, Talke also stirs the substances while the truck is driving. For this he relies on PTM container agitators made of stainless steel: extremely robust against substances of all kinds, hygienic and ATEX-certified.

Extremely practical: All trucks are basically equipped with compressed air for their braking systems. Our agitators only have to be connected to the existing compressed air system and off you go: “Plug and Play”.

(Photo credit: Afred Talke Logistic Services)

Containerrührwerk Edelstahl mit Traverse

Our container agitators are practical to use and are designed for use in ATEX environments:

Made of stainless steel, you can use our agitators in all hygienically sensitive environments. Flawless surfaces and special design concepts give dirt no chance:

Containerrührwerke elektrisch und pneumatisch mit ATEX Zertifizierung für alle Containergrößen
PTM mechatronics – we generate movement in special environments.

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