Our customer’s substance to be stirred is stored in small aluminum buckets that are used as disposable containers. The small buckets are not stable enough and are too lightweight for the stirring process. Our customer therefore had in mind a stable full casing.

Our solution therefore completely encloses the disposable containers with a safe and stable construction made of robust stainless steel. The disposable containers are simply inserted into the guide of the stainless steel construction and thus held in a twist-proof manner.

The lid of the stainless steel container has a separate connection for suction and two further connections for the supply and return line of a ring line.

A viewing flap with a safety grid enables the mixing progress to be safely checked. The viewing flap can be conveniently attached to the lid using a magnet so that it does not have to be held.

Two handles ensure comfortable handling of the lid when changing containers.

Our powerful agitator is mounted on the side of the lid for optimal organization of the connections and stirs in a slightly diagonal position in the middle of the container to achieve optimal mixing. This means that the connections are easily accessible. Lines can be arranged logically and neatly without hindering work.

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Geschlossenes Rührwerk zum Rühren in Einwegbehältern
Geschlossenes Rührwerk zum Rühren in Einwegbehältern
Geschlossenes Rührwerk zum Rühren in Einwegbehältern, verdrehsicher befestigt